Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Top 10 Favourite Nail Colours of All Time

I love nail polish and my first purchase of cosmetics was a bottle of Maybelline nail polish in frosty pink (at the age of 14). I have a huge collection of nail polish and I have carefully selected 10 of my favourites from my enormous collection to post here.

A few trusted sites to purchase nail polish (Zoya, China Glaze, Nubar) are Trans Design, Nails de Royale and Head2Toe. But do observe any restrictions in your countries' postal services when purchasing nail varnish.

My favourites (from dark to light):

Chanel Le Vernis in 461 Blue Satin (S$35)
Dark blue shimmer. From afar, you might think this is a black cream. But as you look closely, this is actually a dark blue with very subtle black shimmer!

Orly nail lacquer in Happily Ever After (S$19 approx)
A dark berry red with blue undertone and shimmer! This is simply divine! Flatters my skin tone, makes my hands look fairer.

Anna Sui nail colour in 400 (S$24)
A true red. It looks slightly darker in real life. This is from Anna Sui's old nail colour collection. However, I think there are many other brands selling similar shade of red. Not to be confused with the new collection colour 400 (it's an orange red). This colour makes my hands look fairer too!

China Glaze nail lacquer in Ruby Pumps (US$6.50 approx)
A cherry red with red sparkles! It is not cream or frost or shimmer. It's a jelly sparkle! There is this glass-like quality to it when applied. Lovely! It is funky yet classy.

Zoya nail lacquer in Harlow (Matte) (US$7)
A very sophisticated purple-dark pink. This is a matte with shimmer. You have to see it to understand! I think this is a very unique colour.

Fancl nail colour in 25 (S$15.50)
A pretty mauve with subtle gold shimmer. I still remember seeing a girl wearing a similar shade on the MRT, loved it, and went around looking for a similar colour. Most shades looked either too purple or too pink! Finally, after a few weeks, I found this colour at the Fancl counter. It was one of the last places I looked, as I didn't even know Fancl sold nail polish then (probably 5-6 years ago).

OPI nail lacquer in I42 Elephantastic Pink (S$19-$23.50)
A unique hot pink. This is not just any normal hot pink. It is a super pretty pink with blue undertone! I did a manicure in this colour at the nail salon and I remember I could not stop staring at it.

Nubar nail lacquer in Chocolate Caramel (US$7.49)
I really don't know how to describe this! It looks exactly like the pic above. Exactly like caramel, with shimmer and a little bit of sparkle. I had to keep my fingers away from my teeth as I simply love caramel.

OPI nail lacquer in C89 Chocolate Moose (S$19-23.50)
A very easy-to-wear and match-everything-and-anything kind of cream brown.

Chanel Le Vernis in 257 Perle Rosee (S$35)
I think this was a limited edition. It is a light shimmery+frosty nude pink. There is a similar colour from Paul & Joe which is still available at the counters.

Hope you love some of the colours I love. Do leave some comments here if you want to share your favourite nail colours with me!


geraldine peh said...

why my teacher so cool one !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for dropping by!

Rory said...

I really love Zoya Harlow, that is one of the best mattes I've ever seen. Your nails are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Zoya Harlow is a real pretty matte. Even nicer than any other OPI Suedes...