Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Kiss Me False Eyelashes

I am definitely on a false eyelash shopping spree now… just look at how many pairs of Kiss Me eyelashes I got myself!! 

Kiss Me false eyelashes, $9.90 each

You can find Kiss Me lashes at Watsons, Sasa & Guardian, etc. You know, those kinda shops…
Each pair of lashes can be used multiple times. 


I find it pretty hard to find #05 anymore, probably because this is an old design! Found this at Guardian at Orchard Paragon by coincidence. I am glad I still managed to get a pair of it, cos I simply loooovve the full lash look! It's so long and dolly! This design is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Long and volumising!


This pair might seem very thick and dramatic when you just look at it here in its packaging, but apparently, after I tried it on, its more natural then it appears to be. *As an eyelash lover, do be cautious what my "natural" means. LOL*

My eyes really look weird here, don't they! But this is one of my best
photos with eyes facing front, giving a good view how the lashes look.


This is the most natural looking eyelash out of all that I am wearing here. I was really lazy on the day I took the pics, so only drew eyeliner for lower lash line.

I like the side view of this pair!


Awesome lower lashes!! So easy to apply and not too unnatural :)
The "whitish" stuff is the eyelash glue. I took photos before the glue dried up.

The next eyelash post will be Dolly Wink false eyelashes!!