Monday, May 30, 2011

New Looks in Seconds Part 1: How to Wear Hair Wigs & Hair Extensions - Japanese Big Curls & Rebonded Hair Looks!

This is Part 1 of my latest Hair Extension & Hair Wig Tutorials!
It's been a long time since I wrote a proper post =)

This tutorial will be especially helpful to those who love to change your looks everyday.


Hair Wig: Shoulder Length with Side Swept Fringe

Hair Wig: Super Long Rebonded Hair with Bangs

Temporary Hair Extensions: Big Japanese Curls

So… let's get down to it!

LOOK 1- Big Japanese Curls (hair extensions)

1. If you have straight hair, you need to curl your hair with heated hair thongs before putting on the extensions.

2. Shake the hair extensions gently to loosen the curls. Mine is 1 big piece for the whole head.

3. These hair extensions are clip-ons. All you need to do is to open the clips, hook the clips onto your hair and fasten them again!

4. Take a small section of hair from the crown of your head.

5. Put in place with a hair clip.

6. Place the hair extensions below the clipped section of hair. Fasten the clips of the hair extensions.

7. Release the section of hair at your crown...

… and DONE!! Natural! Isn't it??

I love this look!

LOOK 2- Shoulder Length Hair with Side Swept Fringe (hair wig)

1. First, wear a hair cap. There are a variety of hair caps for sale. Some come in the form of 'socks', but mine looks like a hair net with an open top.

2. If you have very long hair, you will need to tie the hair up first, as close to the nape of your neck as possible. I find that it looks the most natural that way. If you tie the hair too high up, you will see a bulge at the back of your head after you put the hair wig on. As my hair is still quite short, I just clip up my fringe and wear the hair cap without tying.

3. Inside the wig, there are 2 ear tabs on each front/side of the wig to indicate where to position your hair wig. Position these right in front of your ears.

4. With each hand holding each side of the ear tab, put the wig on, front first, then back.

5. Adjust the back of the hair wig. Fasten with bobbi pins if you feel that the wig is too loose.

Totally different look!

The side view is absolutely natural.

Wonderful back view.

LOOK 3- Rebonded Long Hair with Bangs (hair wig)

The questions most of you have right now would probably be these…??:

1. Are hair extensions heavy?
My answer: Really depends. Usually, if it is a piece of full head extensions, it can get a little heavy after 2-3 hours of wear or so. I do not recommend wearing them if you know you are going to be out the whole day. You might end up with a headache afterwards. However, these are really great if you are just out for a date/ girls' night out at the clubs =)

2. Is it very hot to wear wigs? (especially in Singapore)
My answer: Can be quite hot, if you are outdoors. Usually if I am wearing a wig, I will make sure I stay in an air-conditioned place most of the time. Hair wigs are great for functions, or when you just feel like changing your look for the day.

Care for your hair wigs and extensions:

1. You do not need to wash your wigs/extensions after every wear. But do wash them if you have sweat a lot/ have worn enough times. Dilute some normal shampoo in a basin of water. Shake your wig/extension in the mixture a few times and rinse with water.

2. Pat the wig/extension dry with a towel and allow to air dry. If you have a wig stand, place wig/extension (especially wig) on the stand for drying.

3. Use a wig comb if you have to comb the hair. NEVER comb hair wigs/ extensions that have curls. The curls will be damaged if you comb them =)

All the hair wigs and hair extensions used here are from Girlhairdo. I accidentally came across their page and went down to the shop to get some. I am not advertising for them, but I think I sound like I am!! MUAHAHAHAHHA I just love what I bought ^^

Pls look forward to Part 2 of my Hair Extension & Hair Wig Tutorials soon! I hope you have liked this one!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Missha BB Cream Comparison

A month ago, I obtained a few Missha BB Creams to try.

M Cover BB Balm [Pact Type] SPF50 PA+++ No.23 Chic Beige

Convenient, hygienic packaging for touch ups

Misa Cho Bo Yang BB Cream SPF30 PA++ N0. 1 Natural Beige, 50ml
Image from -

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++ No.1 Light Pink Beige, 20g
Image from-

BB Cream Comparison:

M Cover-
Texture: Creamy, not too runny not too thick either
Fragrance: none
Actual shade: No.23 Chic Beige
Shade description: More beige than pink, best suits my skin tone out of 3
Coverage: Medium
Sun Protection: SPF50 PA+++
Oil Control: 2.5/5, shine on T-zone after an hour or so.

Functions: Covers dark spots, evens skin tone, leaves soft and moisturising afterfeel, protects skin from oxidation, calms skin

Overall: As the coverage is pretty good, I prefer to use this at night, or makeup might look thick in the day. A thin layer of the cream will do to give face a flawless complexion. Ironically, this balm provides superb sun protection, though I don't think I will use it in the day. What I like about this is that it gives skin a radiant glow, which looks really pretty in artificial lighting. I do not know how it works, my skin just looks better in this at night than in the day. Perhaps the color is too fair for my skin (despite being the best color out of 3) and makes my skin look ashy in daylight. My main issue with this is that the oil control is just average. Best applied with sponge provided. I love the sponge (soft and Q). It's good quality.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Cho Bo Yang-
Texture: Thick, creamy
Fragrance: Herbal, Ginseng-ish
Actual Shade: No.1 Natural Beige
Shade description: More pink than beige
Coverage: Medium to full
Sun Protection: SPF30 PA++
Oil Control: 3/5

Functions: Contains 3 kinds of precious ingredients such as Korean Wild Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Velvet and Pure Gold which help to create perfect makeup with radiant and bright skin. Prevents skin troubles, soothes skin.

Overall: I have to use this sparingly, because I chose shade No1, which is actually a little too fair for my skin tone. I chose a shade fairer on purpose, as I did't want something that is natural (hahaha). I love the herbal scent =) It's a herbal ginseng-ish kind of scent. I do know of some people who avoid this because they do not like herb-y scents though! This shade might look ashy on skin tones that is closer to yellow beige. Can be applied with both sponge/ fingers. Makes my skin look flawless.

Overall Rating: 4/5

M Signature-
Texture: Lotion-like, More watery than usual foundation
Fragrance: Herbal, floral
Actual shade: No.21 Light Pink Beige
Shade description: More pink than beige
Coverage: Light to medium
Sun Protection: SPF25 PA++
Oil Control: 4/5, best out of these 3

Functions: Wrinkle repair, whitening, long lasting

Overall: This BB cream has a nice herbal floral scent. It is best applied with fingers with light tapping motions. I tried using a sponge and it didn't work out so well. The oil control is really pretty good, as I didn't see the usual sheen on my T-zone after an hour or so. The down side is that I think my skin is allergic to it (crap!), as my skin gets a little itchy each time after I apply it. Grrrr! Though coverage is light, skin still looks pretty flawless after application. Good for days when skin condition is better. This shade is close to the Misa Cho Bo Yang No.1.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 (would have given it 4 if not for the irritation)

Conclusion: I like Misa Cho Bo Yang best, as coverage is good, moderate oil control power, and doesn't irritate my skin. I like the ginseng scent, and I like how the cream makes my skin look moisturised and radiant after application!

I am a M.A.C NC20. Usually natural beige tones work best for me. I have normal to combination skin.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

*Updated* Gelish - Black Cherry Berry

Three of my Blue Glitter Leopard gel nails broke, so I really have no choice but to remove them. I decided to give my nails some time to breathe, so I went for Gelish instead. My nails are just too thin and weak for normal nail polish now.

Aw… look at how ugly they are now…

Gelish - Black Cherry Berry

Black Cherry Berry is your all time favourite kind of dark red cream. Nothing special, but suitable for all looks, and matchable with all outfits. This is 3 layers.

I had a really unpleasant experience with Nail Palace yesterday when I went to do my Gelish. So they showed me the color chart and I picked Black Cherry Berry, because I wanted something dark. They painted 2 layers of polish for me, and was going to apply the top coat. I looked at the color, and it was way too light, not as dark as the color chart. So I told the manicurist so, that the color was too light and she told me that a 3rd layer would be about the same. I asked her to paint a darker color for me over the 2 layers, and she went to check for me. She spoke to someone and told me that she would paint the 3rd layer for me, but had to charge me extra $20. Inwardly, I was like…. WT@£$%^&*()?????? Hey! This set of Gelish is not cheap and is $88! And now you want to charge me $108 for Gelish?? If not for the fact I had some credit package with them I would have gone to my other manicurist and she would only have charged me $50. I asked to see the color chart again, and told her nicely, that…. hey, this color on my nails now and is different from your color chart. If I knew Black Cherry Berry is this light, I would have chosen the darker color instead! The chart has misled me! She called someone again, and said that she would charge me $10 only then. I reluctantly complied, not wanting waste time, or make things difficult for the manicurist, as it wasn't really her fault. They just applied the Gelish too thickly on the color chart and made the color darker. I paid extra $10 for the 3rd layer, because I have to like the color if I am going to be stuck with it for the next 2-3 weeks right =(

Some of you, dear readers, might find me petty, over the $10/$20, but I strongly feel that there is something wrong with charging me extra, in principle. I didn't go for some cheap service, but a $88 service, for God's sake. Their color chart misled me, which means it's their fault, so why should I pay more for their mistake? I am going to call their Head Office to enquire about their pricing policies, and definitely ask for action on their part. If they can't give me a good reason for charging $10/$20 extra, sorry Nail Palace, I am NEVER EVER going to buy a package, or do a manicure at your place ever again! I have already bought a credit package from you, so deducting $10/$20 more from my credit balance is not much of a difference, but -- prove to me that you want me to be satisfied with your service, not just earn money from me!

I will update on the outcome after I get a reply from them… *still fuming*


I called Nail Palace up on Monday and they were very patient, polite and helpful in solving this problem. They got the manager of the branch to call me to explain to me that since it's Gelish, they have to charge extra for an additional layer. Of course, if I am doing normal manicure, they would be able to paint a 3rd layer for me without charge. However, as the manicurist failed to tell me the color I had chosen would differ slightly from the actual, they are refunding me my credit of $10. I could do nail art etc with the refund. I didn't hear this part very clearly over the phone, but hey! I am satisfied as long as I know they still want to make their customers happy, not just make them take out more from their wallets! So I guess its happy ending =) Just that the outlet where I had gone for the service might be wary of me now (though I did emphasise to the manager it was not the staff's fault)! Haha!

Fellow Blogger Giveaway

This is a late post… one that is really really overdue. Sorry!
Some time ago, I won the first giveaway ever since I started blogging! This is my win:

This package was sent to me by Mai-Kat Oshaberi for their 1st Blogversary. Indeed, I was so lucky! They sent me awesome stuff, which included lipstick, blusher, handcream, lipbalm, a set of makeup brushes, and some My Beauty Diary masks. I loved those masks =)

Thank you so much! And my apologies for posting this soooo late ><

Monday, May 16, 2011

Missha Lucid Nail Polish

Sorry I have not been posting!! Really busy these few days… a quick post today before I post again… probably soon… =D

These polishes are really affordable. 3 for $10 from Missha!!! All are the Lucid Nail Polish range.

A slightly frosty lavender - my favourite of the 3!
A slightly frosty coral. Very summer.

A very unique shade. Light camel. It's the kind of colour that you either love it or hate it.

That's all for today ~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tutorial: Anna Sui Glamorous Angelic Glittering Mermaid Inspired Look

I loved this look the moment I set my eyes on it!

Anna Sui Glamorous Angelic Look
Image from~

I photographed this tutorial before I looked at the original again, so after doing the tutorial I realised that my version is sort of different from original… oh well… hope you will like it nevertheless!

Inspired Look

Products used:
1. Anna Sui Double Eye Color 01 (reddish brown + indigo blue)
3. Shu Uemura drawing pencil 03 ME Blue
4. Stella Eyelashes AG3312
(have not bought from their online shop before, but I always go to their physical shop...)

The Steps:

1. Apply the reddish brown of Anna Sui Double Eye Color all over eyelid.

2. Apply indigo blue to the outer corner of eyelid. Blend using a small blending brush.

3. Apply indigo blue to the lower lash line. Intensify the color of upper eyelid if necessary and blend out any harsh edges. If you want to do this look, make sure the blue is intense. If you prefer a more 'natural' look and use less blue, this kind of vibrant shade will look 'dirty' instead of 'natural'.

4. Line your upper and lower lash line with a dark blue eyeliner with shimmer. Using a liner without shimmer will make the look more serious and less chic.

5. Apply a silver shimmery eyeshadow to the upper and lower inner corner of eyes.

6. Apply black mascara.

7. Apply eye glitter to the middle of eyelid and over the indigo blue eyeshadow.

8. To make the look more fun I put on blue eyelashes.

I aim to make my looks wearable and simple, suitable for everyone! I hope you have liked this one =D