Saturday, May 21, 2011

*Updated* Gelish - Black Cherry Berry

Three of my Blue Glitter Leopard gel nails broke, so I really have no choice but to remove them. I decided to give my nails some time to breathe, so I went for Gelish instead. My nails are just too thin and weak for normal nail polish now.

Aw… look at how ugly they are now…

Gelish - Black Cherry Berry

Black Cherry Berry is your all time favourite kind of dark red cream. Nothing special, but suitable for all looks, and matchable with all outfits. This is 3 layers.

I had a really unpleasant experience with Nail Palace yesterday when I went to do my Gelish. So they showed me the color chart and I picked Black Cherry Berry, because I wanted something dark. They painted 2 layers of polish for me, and was going to apply the top coat. I looked at the color, and it was way too light, not as dark as the color chart. So I told the manicurist so, that the color was too light and she told me that a 3rd layer would be about the same. I asked her to paint a darker color for me over the 2 layers, and she went to check for me. She spoke to someone and told me that she would paint the 3rd layer for me, but had to charge me extra $20. Inwardly, I was like…. WT@£$%^&*()?????? Hey! This set of Gelish is not cheap and is $88! And now you want to charge me $108 for Gelish?? If not for the fact I had some credit package with them I would have gone to my other manicurist and she would only have charged me $50. I asked to see the color chart again, and told her nicely, that…. hey, this color on my nails now and is different from your color chart. If I knew Black Cherry Berry is this light, I would have chosen the darker color instead! The chart has misled me! She called someone again, and said that she would charge me $10 only then. I reluctantly complied, not wanting waste time, or make things difficult for the manicurist, as it wasn't really her fault. They just applied the Gelish too thickly on the color chart and made the color darker. I paid extra $10 for the 3rd layer, because I have to like the color if I am going to be stuck with it for the next 2-3 weeks right =(

Some of you, dear readers, might find me petty, over the $10/$20, but I strongly feel that there is something wrong with charging me extra, in principle. I didn't go for some cheap service, but a $88 service, for God's sake. Their color chart misled me, which means it's their fault, so why should I pay more for their mistake? I am going to call their Head Office to enquire about their pricing policies, and definitely ask for action on their part. If they can't give me a good reason for charging $10/$20 extra, sorry Nail Palace, I am NEVER EVER going to buy a package, or do a manicure at your place ever again! I have already bought a credit package from you, so deducting $10/$20 more from my credit balance is not much of a difference, but -- prove to me that you want me to be satisfied with your service, not just earn money from me!

I will update on the outcome after I get a reply from them… *still fuming*


I called Nail Palace up on Monday and they were very patient, polite and helpful in solving this problem. They got the manager of the branch to call me to explain to me that since it's Gelish, they have to charge extra for an additional layer. Of course, if I am doing normal manicure, they would be able to paint a 3rd layer for me without charge. However, as the manicurist failed to tell me the color I had chosen would differ slightly from the actual, they are refunding me my credit of $10. I could do nail art etc with the refund. I didn't hear this part very clearly over the phone, but hey! I am satisfied as long as I know they still want to make their customers happy, not just make them take out more from their wallets! So I guess its happy ending =) Just that the outlet where I had gone for the service might be wary of me now (though I did emphasise to the manager it was not the staff's fault)! Haha!


Steph said...

BOOO~ I always feel bad complaining to the person serving me... especially when it's not their fault and they're just stuck in between...customer and boss

i think you were right to complain, they shouldn't charge you extra because they failed to give you the color you asked for.

btw i like black cherry berry =] very pretty, kinda vampy/ sexy ~

galpal.hi said...

I don't think that you were wrong to complain! You also should not have gotten charged the extra charge. I'm looking forward to your update on this situation.