Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion, SK-II Cellumination Essence & SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge

SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion, 100ml, SGD114

A semi-translusent lotion

This is a new product launched, I believe, in February in Singapore, together with the new Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser. This product is like a leave on mask that brightens the skin, at the same time moisturises it. It helps to lighten dark spots and improves the radiance of the skin. It also helps the skin to absorb any essence or moisturiser that is applied afterwards better.

I started using this lotion 2 weeks ago, day and night, applied before the Cellumination Essence. Already very impressed by the Essence, I think that this Mask-In Lotion has further improved the clarity and radiance of my skin. As SK-II products are very pricy, I actually finished a sample of it before I decided to buy it. I do not regret my purchase.

SK-II Cellumination Essence, SGD199 for 30ml/ SGD299 for 50ml

A milky essence

I adore this essence. I just used up a 50ml last month, and now onto my 2nd jar. I have another one waiting by my dressing table, which I asked a friend to purchase for me in Hong Kong. How shall I express what wonderful things this essence does to my skin?? My skin has become fairer and more radiant, even without make up. I get less blemishes and pimple scars seem to lighten. Being a pickle minded person, when it comes to skin care, I think I am so pleased with this essence that I will keep buying it! I do not see anything negative about this product, except for the price tag. It is like SGD100 cheaper if you buy it at the Changi Airport duty free. At the airport, you can get the 50ml at the same price as the 30ml at counters in departmental stores. Last December, I got a really good deal there, as they had this gift set, retailed at SGD269, which contained a 50ml Cellumination Essence and 50ml Deep Surge.

SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge, 50ml, SGD159

The Cellumination Deep Surge has a very interesting texture that I find hard to describe. It is definitely not an emulsion or lotion, but also not exactly cream. When you scoop the product up with a spatula, it doesn't slide off from the spatula. It reminds me of sorbet and snow, but thicker.

I use a 10 cent coin amount for face and neck. The product absorbs easily into the skin and does not require too much of massaging in; so people who don't like to spend too much time applying skincare would be glad to hear this. After 2 weeks of using this, my face is more evenly toned and clear, and look much more radiant (notice how many times I used the word 'radiant' in this post?). Skin is smooth to the touch. I prefer this moisturiser to the Skin Signature because my skin seems to absorb it better and my face does not feel as greasy, as compared to the times I apply other moisturisers. Some people recommend using this at night, and use Skin Signature in the morning, but I use Deep Surge both day and night, and I do not have any problems with it. My make up applies just fine, and my face does not become more oily.

I am totally addicted to SK-II, as other brands do not offer me the same results so far. I need to stock up in Hong Kong/ Changi Airport, as I think the products are way over-priced in Singapore, and I cannot imagine spending SGD299 every 2 months for the Cellumination Essence.

If you have to choose 1 out of the 3, I recommend the Cellumination Essence! It might work for you if your skin condition is similar to mine: combination to oily (cheeks and T-zone), slightly sensitive.

I really think I have to stop buying clothes and start saving up because having crystal clear skin is more important then anything else =)


Marie said...

I agree, skin care is more important!:D

***** Marie *****

Caleb said...

Hi there! Just stumbled on your blog while looking up these products. I'm a little curious as to how long these last you (weeks/months)? I'm especially interested in the Essence, as my skin is also combination to oily in the T-zone and cheeks. I have very mild acne - do you think it would help, or at least not irritate that? Thanks in advance!

ashura said...

Hi Caleb!!
The Cellumination Essence lasts for about 2 months if you use 1 full pump each time, day and night. I think the essence helped to reduce my acne, but not completely, especially during certain times of the month! However, I noticed that the essence kinda stinged when I applied it over acne, so I recommend waiting for most of the acne to clear first, then start on the essence, which should help reduce acne subsequently. The Cellumination Deep Surge should last about 2 & half months, for face and neck. I have kinda stopped using the Mask-in Lotion for now so I am not sure how long it lasts yet, but from the look of it, a bottle should last 2-3 months =D

jenny said...

I love your blog! I am a big fan of sk2 you use the clear lotion before the cellumination mask?

ashura said...

Hi Jenny,
I use the Clear Lotion before Mask-in Lotion (or do you mean normal mask?). Thanks for supporting my blog =D

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you use the mask-in lotion before the facial treatment essence? What is the order or products you use? The sk-ii website doesn't seem to have instructions for this product. Thanks!

ashura said...

Hihi =)
From what I remember, the Mask-in Lotion is used first, then Facial Treatment Essence, as the Mask-in Lotion works like a softener. I am not that sure, as I do not use the Treatment essence. I will update after I confirm ^^

Anonymous said...


reply to anon:

The last time I was at the SK II counter I was told to first use the facial wash, followed by the pitera, then mask in lotion, then essence followed by moisturizer.

I hope this helps....

P.S. you can also buy a box of 10 masks to leave on the face for 10-15 min these are great before a night out, the results are amazing. I would advice not to leave the mask on any longer - I did one time and had a few red marks which went away by themselves after a few days.

Alexa said...

hi,i just bought SK II cellumination essence and facial treatment essence...the initial idea is to buy the cellumintion alone but the sales girl said FTE is a must for a maximum result.So i got myself both..then she gave me a few free SK II products to try which include a mask-in lotion,deep surge and facial treatment repair c...Now that i've got so many i dont know what to use first.May i know when do i use the mask-in lotion? and can i apply FTE and CE after that?

ashura said...

Hi Alexa,
Earlier on, I replied to one of the readers that FTE should be applied before Mask-in lotion. Now, I kind of think it should be the other way round.

This is the order I think the products should be applied:
toner->mask-in lotion->FTE->repair c->deep surge.

As I personally cannot use FTE (i get rashes), I kind of cant remember whether it's mask-in lotion first or FTE first. But since the mask-in lotion is supposed to be a softener so that skin can absorb skincare products better after that, I think it makes sense for mask-in lotion to be applied before FTE.

Hope I have answered your queries :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! You're blog has been great and helped me decide to buy SKII skin care, and since our skin type is (I'd say) the same, so I just bought myself the travel size pack of cellumination mask-in lotion and cellumination deep surge 2 days ago and applied it right away once I reach home.
on the first day my skin looks very oily (really shiny) and felt sticky. I thought I'd give it a try again at night (looked and felt the same, shiny and sticky) and this morning when I woke up my skin looked & felt just fine (neither shiny nor sticky). then I applied the same routine again this morning (same feeling, oily and sticky) before went out to do some errands and then exposed to 32 degree heat (today in australia) and my face turned totally red. Litterally Red! OMG! Did I do something wrong with the routine (facial treatment cleanser-facial treatment lotion-cellumination mask in lotion-cellumination deep surge) or the products are not suitable for my skin? I'd love to know what you think. I appreciate it! (Maria)

ashura said...

Hi Maria,
From your description seems like the product might not suitable for your skin. However, the redness might be due to the heat that you were exposed to when you were out. It might be a good idea to test out the products on a small area of your skin first (perhaps behind your ear where it's sensitive but not obvious to others) before you want to try on your face again. Usually when i suspect that i am sensitive to a product, i would test out each product one by one instead of using them altogether because i might be sensitive to just one product but not the other, or i might be allergic when both are used together. As for the oiliness, I use a very small amount for the whole face as the product is moisturising. Some people indeed might be sensitive to Pitera. For myself, I can't use the Facial Treatment Essence, though the rest of the products really work for me. Pls discontinue usage if your skin continues to be red! I really hope the products will work for you :)

slamthegirl said...

Hi, love your blog. I need your advice. What would u recommend if I have some fine lines on my forehead and very dry skin. I'm using sk ii mask in lotion and rte. Should I also use serum and which would u suggest. Thanks

ashura said...

Hi Slamgirl,
If you are concerned about fine lines and dry skin (the fine lines probably due to dryness), I suggest maybe you can try SKII Facial Treatment Repair C instead of the Cellumination Essence since the former is more for hydration and reduction of fine lines, whereas the latter is more for improving skin radiance. I have used the Repair C serum before and it worked for me - made my skin supple and smooth. However, do try to get a sample first - just in case the product is not suitable for you or something :)

Anonymous said...

Is it suitable for acne/ blemishes , dry & sensitive skin? I wish to try sk ii but Im afraid i don't suit the products :(

ashura said...

Hmm if you have sensitive skin, I suggest you could try to get some samples at the counter to try before buying the full size, or if they cannot give samples, get the travel size. I am not very sure whether the products are suitable for sensitive skin, maybe it will be safer to check with the beauty advisors at the counters :)

1 said...

Hi there!!
I recently moved to Taiwan, and for my birthday I got a bottle of this Cellumination Mask-in lotion as a gift.
I had no idea it was such a wonder product (from what I have read on the reviews) or that it was so expensive!
I'm 25 years old, and I have pretty good skin overall (no breakouts or uneven skin tone). So would I just be wasting the bottle using it now, or will I see a change in my skin?

ashura said...

Oh no! I have been so busy that I have not been checking the comments. Sorry to reply so late -_-

I think you could still give the product a try (ok since I am replying so late you have probably tried it). It's always a good thing to have even better skin :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm using skII about 2 months.i use FTCL,FTE,CML,CE,Advance eye treatment film,CDS,facial lift emulsion,Whitening source derm-brightner..Could u tell me pls how should I apply them step by step,, thanks

ashura said...

Hihi! Pardon me… but I don't catch the acronyms… Could you spell them for me pls?