Tuesday, March 29, 2011

*Limited Edition* Mika Ninagawa for Shu Uemura:UV under base mousse SPF30 PA+++ (Updated!)

I love Shu Uemura limited edition products, as the packaing is always so pretty! After hearing very good things about this mousse makeup base, I thought that maybe I should finally try it, especially because the packaging is LE now =)

65g, SGD78

This time round the base comes in 3 different packaings. The one I got is a new formula that has an even lighter texture than the original, therefore lighter coverage. The SA told me that the original formula has better coverage. As this is just a base, I thought the lighter the better, so I went with the new formula in beige. The lighter version also come in pink, which is supposed to make skin appear fairer and more radiant. I have two many pink bases, so beige was the clear choice!

*NOTE* I have just been informed by a reader that this is NOT a lighter version of the original. I am going to check it out and update =D

*UPDATE* So I just checked and discovered that the dear reader was right and I am wrong. Indeed, the beige and pink version are the normal formula, only with limited edition packaging! The new thing is the the BB cream in mousse form, the one with the darker blue packaing =) Now, BB cream in mousse sounds exciting... I feel like trying! No wonder it was sold out at the Takashimaya counter on the 2nd day of launch when I went there!

So what is special about this UV under base? Yes, it is a mousse base! I had fun squeezing the mousse out =)

This is the description of the original formula on the Shu website:

"Latest technology introduces UV under base mousse SPF30 PA+++ with 20 times lighter texture, to achieve “pore-less” complexion with exquisite coverage for long-lasting flawless beauty. Lighter in weight compared to liquid or cream type make-up base."

I think the idea of a mousse base is really innovative. And I liked the process of spreading it on my face as it feels "new". However, once again I feel a little disappointed because I don't think my foundation applied easier/ lasted longer, compared to other bases that I own like Jill Stuart and Chanel. It might be the way I used the product. Maybe I got it wrong? After applying the mousse all over my face, I let the product settle for 5 minutes or so before applying my foundation.

Left: AFTER, right: BEFORE

However, the base definitely evened out my uneven skin tone, as you can see from the photo above. After applying the base, my skin does look more translucent and skin tone much better.

I really wanted to like this base more, not only because it's SGD78, but also because it is so raved about! I don't think that it is a bad product at all, but I guess I was just hoping for a break through, a base that will make my foundation appear really smooth and silky, last longer, and controls oil better? Maybe I am too demanding and there isn't a product out there that does all that I want =D

Why you should buy this:

1. Limited Edition!!

2. Covers pores and evens out skin tone

3. Fun to use

Why you should think again:

1. Product is expensive - you can get other products with similar results at a cheaper price

Well, although I think there is only one reason why I would not buy this product again, I think it's a reason really important for me. What do you think?


SSH said...

Haha, I've been visiting your blog a couple of days ago hoping for a new post.this product looks cool!and I love the effect :)but I think its really a little too expensive :(

Anonymous said...

saw quite a number of reviews on this and i love the packaging! But the SA told me that it is exactly the same as the original one (not thinner).

Anyway did you get the BB Beige to try? That is supposedly to be in a thicker consistency.


ashura said...

Hi Gene,
Thanks for alerting me let me check it out and I will update. :)

ashura said...

Dear SSH,
Thanks for 'looking forward' to a new post =D

TNY said...

WOW!! I can't believe that you bought it. The other day, when I was wandering around in Orchard looking for sports shoes, I saw this shop. The items sold there are expensive!! The whole set is the same price as the sport shoes that I bought. But i think that the price is reasonable cause it is limited edition and the effects are just too wonderful. I'm looking forward to more new products from Shu Uemura :D

SSH said...

welcome,post more often,i love visiting your blog :D

Steph said...

OMG the b4 and after is amazing!!!
&& oh lala moussey~
but pricey... lol

ashura said...

Hi Gene,
Thanks for letting me know about my error =)I do feel like getting the BB cream formula to try!

Marie said...

I think the price is a little too much, like I am paying for the cute packaging and not the product itself...

***** Marie *****