Friday, March 18, 2011

Results: Jill Stuart Post Valentine's Day Giveaway WINNER!!

ELLE []: you are the winner!
I will be sending out an email shortly =)

For those who are interested how I drew the winner...
I used an online device, Random.Org to compile all the entries, according to the number of chances, and the order of comment posting. So, for example, the first follower who posted a comment will be entered first to the randomiser, then if the follower tweeted my giveaway post, I will enter her name 2 more times into the system.

After entering all the names into the randomiser, I will click the button to randomise the list. The first person on the list will be the winner!

I put a screenshot of the draw here. Hope the pic is clear =)

Thank you for supporting my blog!


Lauren said...

Just found you blog and I really like it! I'm your newest follower!

Lauren from Lauren Loves... x

ashura said...

Lauren, thanks for following!