Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap Collection - Spring 2011

Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap Collection

I can NEVER say no to pink make up. So what happens when Majolica Majorca decides to come out with a collection of pink eyeshadow and blusher? I GET ALL OF THEM (the pinks)!

Jeweling Eyes, PK330 Strawberry Cake, SGD27.50

OMG! All the pinks are irresistible!

The texture of the eyeshadow for this palette is the same as the previous Jeweling Eyes. Quite powdery, not exactly silky. I find it hard to layer the colors on if I use a brush -- finger seems to work better. The colors are more intense when I use my fingers. If you still prefer to use a brush to apply, then using eyeshadow primer will be a good idea.

Puff de Cheek, PK301, Peach Macaroon, SGD22.90

A peachy pink, more pink than peach

Puff de Cheek, PK303, Strawberry Macaroon, SGD22.90

A true strawberry pink , flatters very fair skin

Left: Peach Macaroon, Right: Strawberry Macaroon

I find these blushers incredibly sweet. The Peach Macaroon looks coral, but applies quite pink! I recommend these 2 pinks for ladies with fairer skin. They will look really flattering. There is this very Japanese/ Korean feel to them. Those with healthier skin tone should go for OR302 Apricot Macaroon. I feel extremely tempted to get that one as well. The pinks are slightly shimmery, but you can't really tell after you have applied them. The texture makes it easy to layer the colors on, but I am not sure about the lasting power yet -- I will find out tomorrow.

NOTE: My new camera phone has decided to intensify the colors of these 2 blushers. I think they are less pink in real life. But then, I applied quite a bit of product for the swatches above.

Cream Pencil Liner, BR611 Mocha Brown, SGD14.50

Reddish brown matches very well with Jeweling Eyes PK330

I much prefer the texture of this eyeliner to the Jeweling Pencil, which I didn't like at all, as I felt that the lasting power was weak. The texture of this new liner is much creamier, and seems to be smudge proof. Color is intense was I draw a line across the back of my hand. If the lasting power is good, I would consider getting the black, since SGD14.50 is very affordable.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this collection, most probably because of the lovely colors. Texture wise, given the medium price tag, I don't have complains.

Anyway, I got all these at a 20% discount. Watson's is having a promotion at the Tampines Mall exhibition square. I am glad I was at Tampines today! According to the SA, the promotion ends this Sunday. I saw this collection selling at other Watson's as well, but without the discount.

I have already taken photos for a tutorial using the Strawberry Cake eyeshadow palette. YES TUTORIAL FINALLY!! It will be up by this week! Till then, cya!


Jennifer said...

the swatches look awesome!!! thanks for them :D

sugar sugar said...

the swatchhes look gorgeous! i have been looking forward to this collection! :3 can't wait to try it.

Anna Crystal said...

Good purchase, I'm so in love with the Majo blushes I purchased *^^* If they just weren't that expensive... irghs, pretty high-tagged for a drugstore brand!

Becky said...

OMG! They're gorgeous! I wish these products were sold in Spain (T__T)

okanmeinko said...

So much pink.... I LOVEEEE it. I MUST BUY THEM ><Need the money first... please don't go out of stock in April! XD
The pink colour eyeshadows just look so girly,so sweet but notchildish. It looks chick and fun.

alvira said...

Gorgeous!!! Ilove the shimmer in the eye shadows

Steph said...

OMG everything is so cuteeeeeee
loving the blushes

Marie said...

Seriously, the packaging? So cute!:D

Aside from being a pretty color, I think another reason that you can never say no to pink makeup is because it looks really good on your skin tone.:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

hi dear..do u have any idea where to order these stuffs? thanks

ashura said...

As this is a limited collection, some of them are not available anymore. But you could try a few sites.