Saturday, March 5, 2011

Belle Madame All in One Blender Sponge

Belle Madame All in One Blender Sponge, HKD36

I must admit that it was the packaging of this that drew me to picking it up from Sasa in Hong Kong last year. I didn't open it up to use till recently.

As the name of the sponge suggests, this is a all-in-one make up sponge, so, technically, I only need this to apply my foundation, concealer, loose powder, highlights, eyeshadow and blusher.

The sharper end is for applying concealer, eyeshadow, foundation (to certain areas of face) and highlights. It is more for applying cream eyeshadow than powder shadow. Thanks to the sharper tip, it is easier to apply foundation to sides of nose and under eye areas. I use the sides of the sponge to pat on loose powder to set my foundation.

The round and fatter part of the sponge is for overall foundation application. I also use this side of the sponge to apply cream blusher.

Instructions for those who can read Traditional Chinese

I use this sponge mainly to apply cream/ liquid foundation. I think I am not very used to using it yet, because it is relatively smaller than the normal drugstore foundation sponges I use. Therefore, it takes me a longer time to finish applying my foundation. I get a little impatient to be honest. I haven't tried applying eyeshadow with it, and doubt that I would, as the sponge would block my view from my eye when I use it, due to its size; so my finger would probably be better... However, I do like applying my Shu Uemura blush tint with it, rather than using my hands/ blush/ normal sponge. I use light patting motions, and I think the color blends much better -- no more patches of red and pink!

The sponge is made of very good, 'Q' and spongey material, which I think can be washed and used many times more than the normal sponges. Saves money! This is a plus point. Another plus point is that the sponge is not as absorbent as normal sponges, which means that it will not absorb as much foundation! Saves foundation!!

I have mixed feelings about this sponge. I don't really think my foundation looks better when I use it, and I think it takes me longer to finish my base make up. However, I really like using it to apply cream blusher... and it's a cute thing to use.

I will continue using it since I already bought it, but I don't think I will repurchase.


Steph said...

with the flashy packaging i'm kinda shocked to see that the sponge is one color... and a peachy almost white color at that...

it would be interesting to use it as an eye-shadow applicator... but it would definitely cut down it's "life span"

and YAY for not being super absorbent =]

InsideOut Elle said...

It's shaped just like the SoniaK sponge...I already own the beauty blender and I've pretty much stopped using it... I only use it for cream blush too :P

Marie said...

I can't blame you, the packaging is adorable.:D

***** Marie *****