Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: Laneige White Plus Renew

I got this free trial set 2 weeks ago when I purchased the Laneige Spring Makeup Collection Fresh Modernist, because I spent more than SGD150 at the counter.

Trial set includes: White Plus Renew Skin Refiner, Emulsion, Night Cream, Eye Serum (Night Care) and Essence

I have not used Laneige Skincare since I was in University, so I was really looking forward to trying out the set, especially since my skin is now better than those days, and see what Laneige can do for my skin now.

The really nice SA (who probably wanted me to buy more hahaha) gave me samples of the White Plus Renew Eye Protector (Day Care) SPF12 PA+ and the Daily Protection Cream SPF36 PA++ to try as these are not in the trial set.

Like all whitening/ brightening products out there, this range claims to reduce darkening or dullness, and put radiance back into the skin.

Here I include the descriptions of the products from the pamphlet, as well as some of my comments about the products after using them for 2 weeks now.

1. "Whitening Boosting Skin for Bright & Clear Skin" - WHITE PLUS RENEW SKIN REFINER - "The Amino acid peeler removes impurities and dead skin cells and the Swiss White Lupin prevents loss of moisture giving you clearer, more supple skin."

My comments: It's transparent, and texture is a little thicker than normal toner. Not the watery but more like essence kind of texture. I don't feel any special effects after using it, but I think this is a nice toner as my skin feels moisturised after application. If I am going to buy the actual size of the whole range, I will probably buy this as well. I apply this with cotton pad, after cleansing.

2. "Instantly Supply the Whitening Moisture Barrier" - WHITE PLUS RENEW EMULSION - "Watermelon extract replenishes moisture to weary skin. Non sticky, fresh texture softens and calms skin."

My comments: This is my favorite of the range. I think this is something like the SK-II Cellumination Mask-in Lotion that I blogged about earlier on, a lotion that helps the skin absorb the benefits of the skincare products applied after it better. The texture is like a normal emulsion, a semi-creamy milky lotion. It is hard to describe why I like it. It's like my skin feels good after application, somewhat calmed, just like the description in the pamphlet. It is also non sticky indeed, and doesn't feel greasy at all on the skin. Skin feels more supple and moisturised. I apply this with cotton pad, after the Skin Refiner.

3. "Highly-Efficient Whitening Essence for Bright and Clear Skin" - WHITE PLUS RENEW ESSENCE - "Grapefruit peel extracts remove impurities while marshmallow extracts restore elasticity making the skin smooth and clean.

My comments: I think that this is a decent whitening essence. It doesn't give me that "WOW my skin is radiant instantly!" feeling, but I think the benefits show over time. After two weeks, my skin is still clear and not dull. The texture is a little thicker than emulsion.

4. "Brightening Eye Care against UV Rays" - WHITE PLUS RENEW EYE PROTECTOR SPF12 PA+ - "An eye brightener for daytime use with sweet almond extracts to form a moisture barrier on the skin and Snow Crystal Pearls to correct dullness."

My comments: I didn't like it at first, as the texture is very thick and felt greasy for the eye area. However, after using it for 2 days, I began to like it, as it actually absorbed quite quickly into the skin and brightened my eye area, thanks to the Snow Crystal Pearls. The Snow Crystal Pearls gives eyes a subtle sparkle; Laneige must have added something into the eye cream that gives a subtle reddish pink brightening effect. It also contains SPF12 PA+! Something I appreciate as I start to see fine lines at my eye area =(

5. "Whitening, Moistuising and Sun-Protection at Once!" - WHITE PLUS RENEW DAILY PROTECTION CREAM SPF36 PA++ - "Bead Tree extracts and Silymarin prevent skin darkening and restores the brightness of skin. SPF 36 PA++ protects skin from harmful UV rays during daytime."

My comments: This is the one thing in the range I might not purchase the full size, mainly because I really don't like the idea of SPF in my moisturiser! As I always use a sun protector after moisturiser, I really don't need SPF in my morning cream. The SPF properties make the cream too greasy for my liking.

6. "Eye Serum and Apple Zone Mask for Special Eye Care" - WHITE PLUS RENEW EYE TREATMENT - "A special Apple-Zone care product consisting of whitening Eye Serum and whitening booster Apple Zone Mask. Restores resilience and vitality of your eye area overnight (Eye Serum + Apple Zone Mask)"

My comments: I only have the Eye Serum. I think there is nothing that special about this eye serum. I don't see much difference to my eye area after using it for 2 weeks. However, it does a good job keeping my eye area moisturised, so I might consider buying the full size if it is not too expensive.

7. "The Secret of Skin Brightening through The Night" - WHITE PLUS RENEW NIGHT CREAM - "White birth extract restores clarity for dry skin overnight. Gently massage on face and neck using simple strokes for better results."

My comments: I was quite sure I wasn't going to like this when I used it for the first time as the cream is really rich and quite greasy. However, now I am pretty certain this is the cream that is keeping my skin soft and smooth. That is because each time after I apply it, my skin has this clear and translucent look which stays till the next morning. One way I combat the greasiness is to really massage the cream in - no laziness allowed! =D

Overall (4/5):
I am pleasantly surprised by this range as I didn't have very high expectations of it. I don't think any of the individual products shine by themselves, but when used together the effect is really good. Only 1 pimple in 2 weeks! Now, that is something (for me). I used to think I am too old for Laneige products already, but how wrong I am! I might consider buying the whole range (except the day cream perhaps), as I don't like using products from different brands in my skincare regime. Laneige used to my favorite brand during University times and I think I am falling in love with it all over again.

However, this is not going to happen anytime soon as I still have my SK-II on my dressing table, and the super luxurious Shiseido Future Solution range waiting for me in my shelf (splurged on in Hong Kong last year)...


Becky said...

I'd like to try this brand, it looks interesting

Steph said...

ohhh nice trial set =D

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Nice review! I am currently using Laniege's night cream. It's my first venture into this brand but I love the cooling sensations i get :)

Marie said...

What a generous trial set!:D

The first two products sound promising, great for acne scars. Thanks for the review!:D

***** Marie *****

Timeless Confection said...

Your review is very helpful since I'm planning to purchase the eye serum. Now I'm torn between the serum and the emulsion.
Thanks once again. More power!

Stevenny said...

I wish for skincare that can work toward sunspot /freckles for my mom, can u suggest one?

ashura said...

Maybe you could try out SK-II's Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate. I heard that It's not bad… that you could see results after 28 days of use. I have tried it for 28 days before, texture not bad… but as I do not have much spots, I am not sure of it's effectiveness. But I would give it a try just cos it's SK-II. LOL.