Friday, September 30, 2011

My New Hair Color - Fiery Red

Okie… it all started off with me wanting to keep some photos of my new hair color…
Then slowly… somehow… I started posing in front of the camera and snapping all kinds of shots. My MacBook camera isn't the best, and takes photos with horrible lighting, so I began to add various effects to the photos. 

Right. This is a really self obsessed post. Please ignore me if you get uncomfortable!! LOL

I 'overexposed' all photos for that ancient look. Not sure what you guys think?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

*Updated* NOTD: Gelish - Night Reflection

I like my new Gelish color! And my new nail shape :)

Night Reflection is a deep purple with red shimmer. *UPDATE* I have added 2 photos with my nails taken under sunlight. You can see the red shimmer a little better in these 2! It's not a very unique color, but it looks very good as Gelish because of the mirror like shine. This color looks trendier when nails are short, and I think that my nails are a little too long already (OMG did I actually say that my nails are too long); but I really didn't want to trim them shorter as I have not had such long nails for a long long time (due to how I used to abuse my nails by doing gel nails). Now my nails look slightly vampish due to the length…

Last year, I did a review on the durability of Gelish, and I said that the color only lasted chip-less for about 9 days. Now that I have done Gelish many more times, my experience on that has kind of changed. Since my nails are healthy again, I think I will be able to access how good this dark color will last on my nails much better. I will do a new review in 3 weeks' time (or when the color starts to chip)!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New! Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge

I received the sample of all 6 shades of Maquillage's latest Essence Glamourous Rouge after purchasing 2 of the actual size a few days ago (with vouchers again lol, this time from husband --> this is the only good thing about using credit cards… you get to redeem vouchers)! 

Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge, 6g, $43 each

I seldom rave about lip colors, except for maybe Lavshuca's Moist Melting Rouge, because lip products are quite the same, most of the time.  

HOWEVER! This is one of those collections that I just feel like getting all the shades - great colors, great texture, great shine --> everything!

There is a special ingredient in this essence rouge called Bounce Hold Coating Silicon, that works to plump up lips, giving it a fuller 3D effect that is similar to cosmetic lip treatments (according to brochure).

The shades in the swatch might look a bit more intense than the photos below, because I applied the colors thickly.
 (click on photo to get a better view of the shades ^_^)

Original lip color

RS794 Blush Rose

PK393 Hot Pink - I got this: not that 'hot pink' in my opinion, very wearable!

RS595 Rouge Rose - this is my favorite color! Too bad I didn't get it :(

OR292 Tint Coral - there is always one of these shades in all new lip color collections.
A 'safe' color. Good for most skin colors and most makeup looks. I got this too.

RD791 Harmonious Red - erm… is this a red?

BE790 Nude Glamour Beige - a brownish beige

My lips look really plump and juicy after application. The shine is exceptional (like mirror), and the texture is comfortable, not too sticky, and moisturising. The rouge lasts well too. I didn't touch up for a good few hours, till after meals. 

I would probably have to hand over all my ATM cards to my husband, and cut up my credit card, to prevent myself from getting the rest of the 4 shades :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEW! Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes & Mellow Forming Rouge

It's awesome whenever I get free Isetan vouchers!
This time, I redeemed an eyeshadow palette and lipstick from Esprique's latest makeup collection!

The black glossy packaging is sleek and classy

Blend Dimensional Eyes A-4 (Shiny), $39

I am really into neutral shades recently. Browns, beiges and nudes sound good to me! Exactly why I picked out the Blend Dimensional Eyes in A-4 (Shiny). The Blend Dimensional Eyes come in 2 ranges, the 'Shiny' range and the 'Deep' range. I guess the names are pretty self explanatory :)

Left to right: champagne, white, greyish pink, medium brown

The colors are more to frosty, but shimmery at the same time. They are not as brown/ beige as you see in the 1st and 3rd photos. There is this 'dusty' quality to the colors, especially the 2 colors from the right of the swatch photos (greyish pink & medium brown).

The finish is not intense at all, quite sheer in fact. The medium brown color could be layered to create more depth, but definitely not dark enough to use as eyeliner. I tried using the palette without eyeliner, and I looked pretty sleepy the whole day! LOL! Black eyeliner is a must for this palette. 

Texture is good and easy to apply. Shades could be applied evenly easily. 

Palette comes with an useful plastic sheet with application pointers

Mellow Forming Rouge RO610 (Glow), $39

I love this lipstick range!! It comes in 2 categories as well, the 'Glow' range and the 'Color' range. The colors for the 1st range are lighter, whereas those in the latter range are more intense.

The texture is very much like Lavshuca's Moist Melting rouge, just even softer. The lipstick texture is like snow, and color glides on effortlessly. It's also very very moisturising. However, due to its meltingly soft texture, I am quite sure I will reach the end of the tube rather quickly.

Natural lip color


Color wise, RO610 is a nudy pink. Nothing intense, just really plump looking lips after application. This shade will go super well with smoky eyes. I love this! If only I had more vouchers, I would collect more of these!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

NOTD: Gelish - Good Gossip

My latest Gelish color: Good Gossip

This is a shimmer/glitter pinkish red. In a glance, it looks just red, but if you look carefully again, it is red with a tinge of pink. It has a jelly finish, which strongly reminds me of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, just that Ruby Pumps is redder. 

This is a gorgeous color, and I believe I will have no problems looking at it for 3 weeks before they have to be removed!