Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge

Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge, HKD90

This is currently my favourite lip product.

The word "melting" describes this rouge perfectly. Each color glides onto the lips easily as if the product has just "melted" onto my lips. The rouge feels very moisturising. Another reason why I love this is because of the finish it gives my lips. The result is not as glossy as if I had used lip gloss, but leaves a juicy enough shine on my lips. Do expect you will finish the rouge pretty quickly as the lipstick is really soft and it feels like you have used a lot of product each time you swipe it across your lips.

From left to right: BE-7, PK-6, RS-2, RD-3

From left to right: BE-7, PK-6, RD-3, RS-2

BE-7 is my favorite of the lot. It is a great nude color and goes well with heavier eye makeup. It covers the lines of my lips well and the color does not "sink" into the lines and appear as if I have applied my lipcolor poorly. My second favorite color is RS-2. It's a mauve-y shade and I love colors that appear more purple/plum than pink.

When I tested the colors at Sasa in Hong Kong, I actually felt like buying the whole collection. I will definitely repurchase if my BE-7 ever runs out. For those who can't find Luvshuca in your country, try Adam Beauty =)


gyc said...

they look VERY moisturising!

SiSi Sparkles said...

wow, they look like lip glosses when you swatch them!

InsideOut Elle said...

omg that looks like it's straight up my alley :D all melty and moisturizing ^_^! I'm really interested in Luvashuca these days so thanks for doing this review!

Marina said...

great look!!!

happy new yer !!!

xx marina


Mary in Wonder said...

Looking at the pics my favourites are BE-7 and RS-2...and it seems yours too! XD They are very pretty!

BTW, Happy New Year!~