Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Latest Favorite Sunblock: Kanebo Freshel UV Day Protector SPF35 PA++

I have been guilty! I have not been blogging!
I have been busy cleaning up the house, which has not been cleaned for a long long time. You won't even want to know when it was the last time my husband mopped the floor. *HORROR* There's so many things that need to be done that I believe it's going to take me/us another 2 days to complete cleaning and tidying up everything!

After cleaning, I just feel like sinking my nose in a book... Just finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Was really bored by the last 50 pages...

So... let me just do a quick skincare review here!

I believe that sunblock is one of the skincare steps I will never skip whenever I am going out (mostly for the face). In fact, I heard that it is necessary to use sunblock even when you are staying at home! However, lazy as I am, I will only use sunblock when I step out of the house =)

Regardless of your skin tone, sunblock is a must to prevent premature aging of your skin. Even if you are a sun lover and prefer a nice tan all year round, I think that it might still be a good idea to protect your skin from harmful UV rays =D

As Singapore is sunny most of the time, I prefer to use SPF50. However, recently I somehow feel like using something lighter. To compensate for that, I will just touch up on my make up with my compact (with SPF15) more often.

My current favorite is from one of Kanebo's drugstore line, Freshel UV Day Protector. It comes with SPF35, PA++.

It has a very runny texture and after about a minute after application, leaves a slightly powdery finish. I usually apply my sunblock and let it fully absorb into my skin for around 10 minutes (meanwhile change into my work clothes etc) before I proceed to makeup. When fully absorbed, I do not see any white residue and the powdery finish makes my foundation application smoother. I use it like sunblock + primer in a way! It also doesn't have any strong smell that bothers me.

I got this from Watson's and it's definitely under SGD30. Can't remember the exact price!

This sun protector is from the whitening range. Watson's also carries the moisture range. Both range has everything you need, from face wash, toner... all the way to BB cream. Each item is about SGD20+, with the exception of BB cream sold at SGD33. I have the BB cream too and I have done a review of it here.

For those who are new in using skincare, you should apply sunblock after your moisturiser =)

Facial wash --> toner --> serum/essence --> moisturiser --> sunblock --> primer --> foundation

For the skincare gurus, please just ignore the section above =]

Cya soon!

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InsideOut Elle said...

whoa, never heard of a sunblock that gives a slightly powdery finish - this would be great since I'm pretty oily... all my sunblocks have a dewy finish :P