Monday, December 27, 2010

Tutorial: Esprique Precious Dual Gradation Eyes 2011 Spring Collection in D-4 (for Gentle & Natural Looking Eyes)

Finally =) I have a tutorial ready for sharing!

Esprique Precious Dual Gradation Eyes in D-4, HKD240

Strong white light

From left to right: C color- light pink, D color- deeper pink, A color- light grey, B color- dark grey, eye base- white

Colors are applied over the white eye base in the palette. This is the first time I don't find an eye base in an eyeshadow palette redundant - because the eye base is very shimmery and brightens up my lids beautifully.

For this tutorial, I followed the instructions given at the back of the palette. I also read the pamphlet of this collection. The Chinese description from the pamphlet is "自然温柔的印象". I like this palette because I can create both natural or smoky looks with the colors.

FINISHED LOOK: Gentle & Natural Looking Eyes
The pink used at the bottom lash line gives the eyes a romantic and gentle look


1. Apply the white eye base all over your eyelids.

2. Apply the light grey all over your crease. Make sure you apply way over the line of the crease.

3. Apply the dark grey to your upper lash line. Use a rounder brush to create a thicker line.

4. Using circular motions, apply more dark grey to the outer corner of upper eyelids.

5. Brush on the light pink to the entire lower lash line.

6. Apply the deeper pink to centre of the lower lash line to create romantic, gentle looking eyes.

7. Line your upper lash line with a brown eyeliner (instead of black, for a softer look). Also line about 1/5 of the lower waterline. Do not line the inner corner and the area where you had applied the deeper pink.

8. Draw white eyeliner to the rest of the lower waterline.

9. Apply black/ brown mascara.


And so... what did i wear today...?

Oversized shirt, patterned leggings, red bag, red flats

Look at my leggings - I LOVE them! From Bossini.... kids... (Hong Kong) hahahaa =D

M&M leggings - Extremely trendy when matched well

Hope you liked this tutorial!


Anna Crystal said...

Do I spot a Fairy Drops mascara there :D? The palette is really beautiful and it suits you!

ashura said...

You are so sharp!! Yup I got a new Fairy Drops mascara =)

Anonymous said...

what a pretty look! your leggings are cute :D

gyc said...

the palette looks really good! and your leggings are sooo cool!! i want some!

Old Cow said...

This looks fabulous on you. I am so tempted to get this too.