Monday, December 13, 2010

Manicure: Gelish (Color - Stand Out)

2 days ago I went to the manicurist and she did this rather new nail service (to me at least) for me, called Gelish. The result is somewhat like gel nails -- harder nails with superb shine.

Gelish is applied over natural nails like normal nail polish and cured under a UV light, similar to gel nails. It does not harm the nails as much as gel (supposedly), and the time taken to do a set of manicured nails is much faster (like additional 15 minutes of a normal manicure). Gelish nail color claims to last around 3 weeks. I intend to keep track of the results for about 2 weeks and see if the colors will really last till then (don't think I will wait for 3 weeks - I will need to change my nail color).

I will write more about what this Gelish is all about (how the process is etc) when the experiment is over and show more photos how my Gelish manicure looks throughout the 2 weeks! I am so excited that I just have to show some photos first now =)


Gelish in color Stand Out
Day 2 of manicure

Look at the shine of my nails! Just look at it =) It's so shiny even on day 2!

The tips of my nails
Day 2 of manicure

I hope Gelish will deliver what it promises!


Anonymous said...

this looks like a true red color

InsideOut Elle said...

oo wow it's so jello ^_^ I want to poke it~ It's so pretty!

Kalmo said...

Wow gorgeous nails and it would be cool if it did last up to 3 weeks!

galpal.hi said...

I'm interested in seeing how well it holds up--if it lasts as long as it is said to. It's a very lovely color!


♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

its definitely one of the most beautiful and shiny red I've seen. just a pity that cant make it at home =(

Jennifer said...

your nails look so shiny!!! *adore*

hope it's longlasting!

happy Xmas to you in advance since i'd be away for a week, take care and stay pretty :D xoxo

girlinamovie said...

what is the name of the color? i love

ashura said...

hihi… the color is called "stand out" :)