Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FOTD: Chicken & Pork Vegetable Stir Fried Dumplings

Today's post is not about beauty...

YES! I made stir fried dumplings!!!

Chicken & Pork Vegetable Stir Fried Dumplings

This is the first time I made dumplings! So I am really quite satisfied with the result. The level of crispiness is just right and the bottom of the dumplings are a pretty shade of golden brown =)

As the supermarket I went to yesterday was left with only 1 packet of minced pork, I had no choice but to mix it with minced chicken.

Ready made sliced dough from NTUC

Minced meat mixture:
1. pork,
2. chicken,
3. boiled green vegetable (xiao bai chye),
4. garlic,
5. crispy prawn chilli,
6. soy sauce,
7. abalone sauce,
8. pepper.

I started off with too little meat... my 1st batch of dumplings looked very skinny and were all underweight hahahaha

Used water to 'seal' up the dumpling

32 dumplings in total!!


Done! The bottom of each dumpling is crispy and golden brown, whereas the top is soft and inside is juicy

Ok the close up pic of the dumplings look more delicious =p


I am thinking of making some more and bring over to mother-in-law's place this Friday. Should I?


Rakhshanda said...

you should...and the dish is looking so yummy dear...write more post about it.

InsideOut Elle said...

awww you should do more food posts ^_^ yummmy

SiSi said...

mmmm I LOVE fried dumplings! Thanks for sharing recipe too :] I will definitely have to try it out.

galpal.hi said...

Those looks absolutely delicious! It doesn't look like it's the first time that you've done it. Now I want to eat some too. Yes, I think that you should make it and take it to your MIL's house.


gyc said...

yummy! *drools* you should do more posts like this.

Varnish Vixen said...

You're making my mouth water! These look amazing!

Kalmo said...

Wow great job in homemade dumplings, the best I could ever do it microwaving frozen ones haha. You should def. bring them over to your mother in law's place, it would totally impress her. :)

ashura said...

Hey everybody,
Thank god the dumplings look good =) I was a little worried they might look burnt...
You guys have given me the confidence to bring over some to my MIL tomorrow!!