Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lioele Essential Donut Glo-stick & Crysal Muse Eyeshadow

2 days ago I shopped at Colormix with my sister in Hong Kong and I grabbed some Lioele Lipstick and eyeshadow there. Lioele is a Korean cosmetic brand that I must say I am not very familiar with. I have heard of the brand before, but never owned anything from it.

From left to right: Lioele Essential Donut Glo-stick in color 1 Milky Pink & 5 Blossom Red, Lioele Crysal Muse Eyeshadow in 06 Gold

From left to right: Lioele Essential Donut Glo-stick in color 1 Milky Pink, 5 Blossom Red

Same as above

Looks like donut, doesn't it?

The Glo-stick has a moisturising lip balm center, making the Glo-stick look like a donut. When applied, it feels like lip balm too. Like most lip balm, the color does not last very long and needs touching up every now and then. But hey, I don't think this is a bad thing at all as I have so many lip colors that I don't mind using up any of them faster =)

From left to right: 5 Blossom Red, 1 Milky Pink

The Glo-stick has a glossy finish and applies quite sheer. However, the color is 'buildable' if more layers are applied. Blossom Red is sweet red which I think is quite easy to wear, if you are on the fair side. Milky Pink is a barbie doll pink which I think is suitable for days when I am going for the Japanese look (sweet and doll like).

Lioele Crystal Muse Eyeshadow in 06 Gold

Applies quite sheer

The gold eyeshadow is very shimmery and texture is on the powdery side. This color is really good for party looks as the gold is really very shimmery, especially under the right lighting (spotlight). Perfect for Christmas looks! This is probably best used with eyeshadow primer (as texture is powdery instead of silky).

I bought a lot of lipsticks today... (L'oreal, Maxfactor & Relvon) will post about them asap!


Marina said...

wow the gold eyeshadow look perfect for Christmas holidays!!!!!
very very cool!!!

kiss Marina


InsideOut Elle said...

ohh that gold eye shadow is so pretty! I'm so glad u reviewed it b/c I would've never known about it if you didn't :) I heard really good stuff about the Donut glo-stick and those are the exact two colors I've been wanting :D so thanks for swatching them. I've been thinking about buying them from P&C but which color do u prefer?

I hope I can visit HK one day~

MEOW said...

the gold eyeshadow is so pretty for xmas!! :) and the donut glo-sticks are really cute ^_^ i dont own any lioele products, but i love the packaging for them.. its so princess like and cute!

Kalmo said...

Oh that lipstick packaging is so cute! Thanks for the swatches. The lip balm center sounds great and moisturizing. Heard a lot of good things about Lioele from other bloggers as well.

ashura said...

Hi Elle,
Hmm personally I prefer Milky Pink because it's easy to match eyeshadow. But Red Blossom is a pretty glossy red =)