Sunday, December 12, 2010

Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream

It's amazing how breathing in Hong Kong air makes me feel happier instantly!

I went to Watson's today and picked up some necessities, together with this Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream. I am sure most gurus would already know this is one of Olay's classic product. I have heard that this is quite a good product, but this is the first time I am trying it. I can't really remember how much this retails in Singapore; I bought this at 30% off, original price is HKD149.90.

As like all Total Effects products, this eye cream is 7-in-1 as well, and claims to:
1. Correct dullness
2. Helps brighten eye area
3. Helps even out skin tone around eye area
4. Reduce wrinkles
5. Moisturise eye area
6. Smoothen eye area
7. Tighten eye area

As I only used this product twice, I am not sure whether it works well or not.

At this point, I can say that it does moisturise eye area, and does not smudge my eye make up. It also does not produce white residue like some eye creams.

The cream has a rather thick texture which reminds me of those 'grandmother cream'. When I test this cream on the back of my hand, I think I see some really fine shine particles (??) which I believe will brighten the appearance of the skin around my eye area. I hope my eyes are not playing tricks on me!

This product also seems fragrance free as my nose doesn't sniff any scent at all. I hope it will work well for me!

Which is your favourite eye product? Currently mine is Bio-essence 24K Gold Eye Lifting Serum.


Anonymous said...

I heard so many good things about this product. keep us updated :)

Kalmo said...

Aw it's so cool that you're in HK, have fun. I haven't tried that eye cream but it sounds good. My favorite eye product is the Dream Products Eye lift. ^^ Wish they had Watson's in the states.

Violet said...

I've used this and this was horrible I got an allergic reaction (itchy patches around my eyes )and my skin is not even sensitive. The product is now sitting in the cabinet waiting for its expiration date.

gyc said...

wish i was at hk - jealous! =(