Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have just started blogging last month and it is a great honour that I have recently received a blog award from a fellow blogger!!


I was awarded this by Sophie-Lou-J on her blog Sophie-Lou-J Says! This is my first ever blog award and I am utterly grateful to Sophie!! *hugs*

The rules of this award are -
1. Post the award on your blog with the picture above.
2. Who you would like to award it to, linking to each of the blogs you have awarded!

I would like to award this to (in no particular order):

1. Rakhshanda (Chamber of Beauty), who has been very supportive of my blog and visits me regularly

2. Haru (Rouge Deluxe), the first ever blogger to leave a comment on my blog, who also has a really fantastic blog that is updated regularly (Haru, I don't know how you manage it, you are awesome!)

3. Lisa (Makeup and Life), a wonderful lady who has provided me with useful tips on blogging

4. Varnish Vixen (Varnish Vixen), who loves nail polish as much as I do and posts great nail polish pics!

5. jellytelly_ri-chan (Butter & Jam), who has been very supportive of my blog since I started posting

Thank you Sophie-Lou-J. You have made my day !!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello Kitty Handphone Accessories

I LOVE Hello Kitty!

About a few months back, I discovered this amazing place where I can get all sorts of Sanrio handphone accessories from Japan. This wonderful online shop is Strapya World. One of the best things they sell (for me) is the decoration kit. Each kit includes gems, pearls, hearts, ribbons and Kitty for you to paste onto and decorate your phone! An example of what I have created with their DIY kit is this:

Hello Kitty Princess Decoden Perfect Kit (Princess Kitty Sweets), 1980JPY (23.20USD)

I bought the kit for my iPhone3GS. I got a separate white handphone cover to paste the gems over it. As the handphone is rather big, the gems and pearls they provided were not enough to cover the whole phone, so I added some of my own gems. The polka dot ribbon you see in the pic is my own as well. If you have a flip phone this will be perfect! If you have a phone that is smaller than the iPhone, there will definitely be enough gems and pearls to go around.

I also have this other kit (not Hello Kitty) called Princess Decoden Perfect Kit (Flower Bear) which I haven't used yet. I intend to save it for my iPhone 4 (purchasing next year)!

Princess Decoden Perfect Kit (Flower Bear), 1480JPY (17.40USD)

Pearls, gems and bear will be arranged nicely in a plastic casing!

My most recent purchases with them are the Hello Kitty iPhone casings for 3G/3GS.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Sweets Hard Case for iPhone 3G/3GS (Black), 1580JPY
(18.50 USD)

Sanrio Hello Kitty Soft Jacket for iPhone 3G/3GS (Black), 1980JPY

I also got a screen protector to match the casings.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Protect Sticker for iPhone 3G/3GS (Black), 680JPY (8.00USD)

Straypa World ships internationally and they charge a standard shipping fee. So I guess it is more worth it to buy more each time as they charge the same amount of shipping for 1 item purchase or 10 items purchase!

HAPPY SHOPPING @ Strapya World =D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coming Soon (Tutorial) : Purple Jewel Smokey Eyes

Hi everyone! Just a little preview of my next makeup tutorial...

Purple Jewel Smokey Eyes

Do come back and check it out towards the end of this week. Hope that you will be looking forward to this tutorial!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tutorial: Overnight Wavy Hair

This tutorial shows you how to get wavy hair without using heated hair thongs. You do not need to know how to use a curling iron and this method is less damaging to your precious hair.

AFTER: sexy waves
BEFORE: natural wave
As most of my earlier readers would have noticed by now, I have done hair extension! I used to have shoulder length hair. I cut my hair at the beginning of the year and I totally couldn't stand it. I had to have it lengthened. And so now that I have long hair again, I took out my hair curlers and accessories again and decided to do this tutorial =)

I first knew about these cute curlers last year, when I watched the 老师 use them on the 女人我最大 show. These curlers not only look cute, but they are also made of sponge so that you could supposedly put them on at night, go to sleep, and wake up with nice wavy hair. I have personally tried sleeping in them before, but I must say it wasn't entirely comfortable! I was just worried that the curlers would fall out and in my semi-consciousness tried not to move my head at all.

These curlers are just cute, cute, and CUTE!! My mother bought the yellow ones (smaller size) for me in Hong Kong Sasa at HKD32 and I bought the strawberry ones (larger size) in Singapore at SGD9.90. Sasa is still selling these in Singapore and they have more styles now. They have those that come in the traditional curler style, but I just prefer these cute little ones! I used to see them on Adam Beauty but I can't seem to find them now. Maybe he is still selling them, just that I wasn't thorough in my search!
If you do not have these little curlers, I think you can use those traditional pink and blue cylindrical plastic ones, but you may want to spread some mousse on your hair before you curl them. A hairstylist once advised me to use a hairdryer to dry the mousse first before I start curling. I always thought that I must start curling when the hair is still damp!

The Steps:

1. Lightly spritz your hair with a mild hair styling product (I guess you will have to skip this step if you intend to sleep with the curlers overnight). I used the Goldwell Ultra Volume leave-in boost spray here. It provides my hair with some volume and leaves my hair slightly stiffer (when dry) such that the curls will stay longer.

2. Take a small section of you hair at your crown of your head and start curling from the ends to the roots.

3. Just wrap the hair ends round the curler.

4. And roll upwards. Easy! =D

5. Use the smaller curlers (yellow) for longer hair. Use the larger ones (strawberry) for shorter hair.

I used 6 strawberry and 8 yellow curlers for the whole head.

Sorry! Just can't resist making faces in this =)

6. Use your hairdryer and heat up your hair a little.

7. Adjust the curlers if your hairdryer is too strong (like mine hahaha)!

8. Wear a shower cap to keep the heat in. This will also ensure that your curlers do not keep moving about and fall off!

9. Wait for around 20 minutes at least. I left them on for 30-45 minutes.

10. Remove the curlers. You should have nice wavy hair that looks very natural.

11. Use some hair wax and scrunch the hair ends like this.


The curls usually can last for the whole day, if you finish off with some extra hold hair spray. At the end of the day, the curls will become more relaxed and less curly.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

Review: Dove go fresh Facial Foam

I bought the Dove go fresh Facial Foam probably 1-2 months ago or so but only started using it 2 days ago. Previously I was using The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser. I only use this in the morning as I use Shu Uemura's cleansing oil as my night makeup remover + facial cleanser.

This is a bit pricey for a Dove product, being SGD11.90. So far, I have not seen any place in Singapore selling this except for Carrefour at Suntec City. I was looking for this product ever since 牛尔老师 talked about it on the Taiwanese variety show 女人我最大 but to no avail. Finally, I read about Haru's post on Rouge Deluxe saying that she bought Dove's Oil Foaming Cleanser at Carrefour, so I decided to go there and hope for the best. And there I found what I was looking for!

The Dove facial foam is lightly fragranced with a sweet orange scent, quite pleasant to me, but might be too overpowering for some. To me, the orange scent reminds me of the orange scent from Paul & Joe's skincare products.

This is really convenient to use, you just need 2-3 pumps for the whole face. When you press the pump, you get foam immediately (just like hair mousse). You just wash your face with the foam and rinse. I think that this type of facial cleanser is a really hot thing in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong currently. There are simply so many different skincare brands making this now! I personally love it!

In comparison to the other 2 types of foaming cleanser I have used, the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser from The Body Shop and another from AHA+BHA Exfoliating Face WAsh Foam (I found a nice review from "my women stuff") from Hado Labo, the texture of this foam from Dove is much finer and fluffier.

This is 2 pumps. Look at how fluffy the foam is!

This product is supposedly good for summer as it should control the oil on your face. The orange scent is also supposed to keep you feeling refreshed. I like this cleanser!

Why I like this:
1. Convenient to use
2. Doesn't dry out my skin
3. Texture is fluffy and fine, fun to use!
4. Leaves my skin smooth

Why anyone might dislike this:
1. Overpowering orange scent

I recommend anyone who likes this type of foaming cleanser to try this product!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Video Tutorial: Princess Party Look with Jill Stuart #3 Princess Sapphire

I have been wanting to do this look ever since I got the Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes palette. The colors are super pretty and super sparkly! I wore it to my friend's wedding and I simply adored the look. This is a simple look to do, but the results are amazing!

This is the first time I am using my new MacBook to edit a video so it might not be that good. I hope the steps are clear! Please give me feedback so that I could improve next time =)


Products used:


1) Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes in 03 Princess Sapphire
2) Maybelline Volumn' Express Cat Eyes Mascara Waterproof in Feline Black
3) Maybelline the Magnum Volumn' Express Super Film in Washable Black

Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder in 01

Jill Stuart Mixed Blush Compact in 02 Rose Bloom

Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15 in 10 Air Kiss & 14 Cabana Crush

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Best False Eyelashes Collection

I am a total eyelash addict, so I have a vast collection of mascaras and false lashes. I started collecting false lashes back in 2005. Today I want to share with you some of my favourite false lashes! As I bought some of the lashes quite some time ago, I might not be remember all of the prices (especially the Shu Uemura ones, because they have increased their prices since the time I bought them).

Somehow today my pics aren't the best quality, so do forgive me if the lighting of the pics are of different qualities. Also, I noticed that the angle which I took the photos seem to make my eye look a bit droopy. I will try to find a better angle to take eye photos for my next post. I promise!

1. Natural Look
Spring Heart Eyelash 09, SGD7.90 (I think), available at Watson's

Etude House Natural Lash, SGD5.90

Canmake Eyelash No 11, SGD9.90, available at Watson's
This is definitely my favourite of the lot! Gives you that mascara advertisement sort of eyelashes!

2. More Volume and Length
Ardell 102 Demi Black, SGD8.99, available at Watson's
Very defined look! Second on my list~

Ardell 120 Demi Black, SGD8.99, available at Watson's

3. Dramatic Look
Shu Uemura Smoky Layers, SGD34 (at time of purchase)
Definitely not for everyday wear!

Heroine Make Impact Eyelashe 03 (Volume Long), SGD9.90, available at Watson's & Sasa
I must say, these were quite heavy for my eyes!

4. Unique
Stage FAKE IT! False Lash Stardust, SGD16, got these from Bugis BHG
These are very sparkly, recommended for night wear. I don't really recommend these for day wear because the lashes kind of look like they have specks of whitish stuff on them in normal lighting

Shu Uemura Luxe Brown, SGD39 (at time of purchase)
These are actually brown, so when you put them on, it's in between natural and long

Canmake Eyelash No 10, SGD9.90, available at Watson's
This is third on my list! Gives a slanted look, really unique!

I hope you love eyelashes as much as I do!