Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tutorial: Overnight Wavy Hair

This tutorial shows you how to get wavy hair without using heated hair thongs. You do not need to know how to use a curling iron and this method is less damaging to your precious hair.

AFTER: sexy waves
BEFORE: natural wave
As most of my earlier readers would have noticed by now, I have done hair extension! I used to have shoulder length hair. I cut my hair at the beginning of the year and I totally couldn't stand it. I had to have it lengthened. And so now that I have long hair again, I took out my hair curlers and accessories again and decided to do this tutorial =)

I first knew about these cute curlers last year, when I watched the 老师 use them on the 女人我最大 show. These curlers not only look cute, but they are also made of sponge so that you could supposedly put them on at night, go to sleep, and wake up with nice wavy hair. I have personally tried sleeping in them before, but I must say it wasn't entirely comfortable! I was just worried that the curlers would fall out and in my semi-consciousness tried not to move my head at all.

These curlers are just cute, cute, and CUTE!! My mother bought the yellow ones (smaller size) for me in Hong Kong Sasa at HKD32 and I bought the strawberry ones (larger size) in Singapore at SGD9.90. Sasa is still selling these in Singapore and they have more styles now. They have those that come in the traditional curler style, but I just prefer these cute little ones! I used to see them on Adam Beauty but I can't seem to find them now. Maybe he is still selling them, just that I wasn't thorough in my search!
If you do not have these little curlers, I think you can use those traditional pink and blue cylindrical plastic ones, but you may want to spread some mousse on your hair before you curl them. A hairstylist once advised me to use a hairdryer to dry the mousse first before I start curling. I always thought that I must start curling when the hair is still damp!

The Steps:

1. Lightly spritz your hair with a mild hair styling product (I guess you will have to skip this step if you intend to sleep with the curlers overnight). I used the Goldwell Ultra Volume leave-in boost spray here. It provides my hair with some volume and leaves my hair slightly stiffer (when dry) such that the curls will stay longer.

2. Take a small section of you hair at your crown of your head and start curling from the ends to the roots.

3. Just wrap the hair ends round the curler.

4. And roll upwards. Easy! =D

5. Use the smaller curlers (yellow) for longer hair. Use the larger ones (strawberry) for shorter hair.

I used 6 strawberry and 8 yellow curlers for the whole head.

Sorry! Just can't resist making faces in this =)

6. Use your hairdryer and heat up your hair a little.

7. Adjust the curlers if your hairdryer is too strong (like mine hahaha)!

8. Wear a shower cap to keep the heat in. This will also ensure that your curlers do not keep moving about and fall off!

9. Wait for around 20 minutes at least. I left them on for 30-45 minutes.

10. Remove the curlers. You should have nice wavy hair that looks very natural.

11. Use some hair wax and scrunch the hair ends like this.


The curls usually can last for the whole day, if you finish off with some extra hold hair spray. At the end of the day, the curls will become more relaxed and less curly.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!


Nancy said...

this is super fantastic!! unfortunately, i dont have long hair to try this out. you look great!!

Nancy said...

hi girl, please can you recommend a sunblock for daily use? thanks in advance! we really value your advice :)

ashura said...

Hi Nancy,
One of my favorite sunblock lotions is Kose's SEKKISEI Sun Protector which you can buy from any Kose counters. Another of my favorite is Biore UV Bright Face Milk. Both are SPF50.

♥ PINK DOLLY ♥ said...

Great pictures and you look super cute with the rollers in your hair!

Stop by my blog if you have time - I still pretty much a newbie

marina said...

These curlers are just cute
and you 're so pretty!!!

Varnish Vixen said...

I love these curlers! I have curly hair, so I don't usually need curlers...If only I could make my hair straight in my sleep! :(

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

those curlers!! I've been wanting to get those, but my mum say if i wanna do it myself she'll dig out all her blue n pink ones for me =.=''' but my hair is too short to do the waves like yours... maybe i should try Olivia Ong's hair style instead hahaha :)

nice tutorial ~~~

alvira said...

I have never seen sponge curlers before they are so cute and practical too because with plastic curlers you can not go to bed and thanks for this step by step tutorial it was really helpful

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Ahh, so cute! :) Your hair, the rollers :p They have lots of stuff like that in Taiwan! :p I thought I was the only one that liked the strawberry stuff :P

siwing said...

LOL OMG !! XD those are like THE CUTEST hair curlers EVER !!

vernz_08 said...

where can i buy the curlers??

ashura said...

Hi ladies,
Thanks for the comments! These curlers are just very fun to play with, though not as secure as those plastic ones =)

Hi vern_08,
If you are in Singapore/ Hong Kong you can get them from Sasa. If not, you can get them from Bobodave.



vernz_08 said...

can i get it in malaysia?

ashura said...

Hi vernz_08,
Yup Bobodave ships to Malaysia. But you might want to email them and ask fir estimated shipping charges first before purchase.

InsideOut Elle said...


murandoku. said...

omg am gonna try this out for sure, but first i'll have to go get the curlers.. they're sooo cute xD

Anonymous said...

You look so cute with those things in your hair!!!

Lisa ♔ said...

Haha.... U R too cute ^^ Thank you for your kind msg. I agree, Hello kitty is too cute ><

I think these are great, I am actually looking for something to curl my hair to create some subtle waves, I may give these a try.

have a great day =D

Steph said...

i love natural waves~
you look so pretty =]

Chai Dao Gui said...

u look like a tree.

Chai Dao Gui said...

you look very pretty! :D