Monday, September 6, 2010

FOTD: Delicious Dinner at Morton's Steakhouse + Singapore Flyer

As I mentioned yesterday, my hubby and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary last night. It was a great experience! It was my treat as he had already gotten me a new camera as the anniversary gift. At the end of the dinner, my wallet hurt and I was S$300+ poorer ^^; (no more make up for me!)

The restaurant was dimly lit and the atmosphere was romantic. The only problem was it was quite difficult to read the menu because it was rather dark! After we ordered our food, the waitress sent us a huge dome of freshly baked bread. It was really HUGE, and not meant to be finished by two (unless we don't intend to eat any steak or any dessert). We both have a pretty small stomach.

The bread was crispy on the oustide and soft and fluffy (can I describe bread as fluffy?) at the inside. It had bits of raisins and a hint of garlic taste. An excellent mix of sweet and savory (ok, by now you should know I am no good at describing food)!

Then after 10-15 minutes or so (I didn't really keep track of the time), in between conversation with my hubby and checking my emails to see if anyone has joined my "Anna Sui Giveaway" activity (which you can read about here), our steak came! I ordered a Ribeye Steak, USDA (Prime) S$90 and he ordered a Cajun Ribeye Steak, USDA (Prime) S$92. We also had this huge broccoli as side dish. I have no idea why broccoli has to cost S$16. Oh well!

Ribeye Steak, medium well

The most expensive broccoli I ever will have, with a special cream sauce

After we finished our steak, came our Lemon Souffle. Ok the souffle in the pic look a little "...", but that is because the waitress split it into half for us. When it was first brought to the table, the souffle looked like one huge cupcake! The filling was like lemon flavoured egg white and the whipped cream complemented it perfectly. This was the first time I tried souffle, so I really had no idea if this is how souffle is supposed to be like! Whatever it is, it was marvellous!

Souffle for 2 at S$33

After a hole was burnt in my wallet (no regrets though ^^ dear hubby you deserved it! Although you ordered cocktail and coffee as well =D), we boarded the VIP lounge at the Singapore Flyer. We were really in luck because we had the whole capsule to ourselves! According to my hubby, he said that it would have cost S$1500 to book the whole capsule for half an hour! But of course , he only booked the normal tickets. WOW!

Singapore Flyer VIP lounge interior, without flash

Singapore Flyer VIP lounge interior, with flash

We each had a cocktail and some crackers and nuts. We also got to keep a pair of wine glasses as souvenirs.

Although we really spent quite a bit of money last night, I guess since this is really a one off sort of thing, it was really worth it!


Varnish Vixen said...

Wow!!1 Your food look amazing...and soooo big. That bread must be bigger than my head. Congrats on your anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Varnish Vixen,
Thanks~ Yup the bread was super big =D And so was all the food they serve!