Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anna Sui Giveaway WINNERS

Hi all,

Thank you to those who have participated in this giveaway! As my blog is still rather new, it is no wonder that there were not really that many participants =.= Nevertheless, luckily I still have a few who took part~ phew! ^^; After using an online randomizer to select the 2 winners, here they are!

1. jellytelly_ri-chan
2. Jasmine


Another thing, I realise that I was rather unclear about what I was giving out. Actually, I have 2 free samples, one the mascara, the other the fragrance. So one winner is intended to get either, not both. But as I realised that I wasn't clear, I have decided to add in one more sample for my winners, which is the Anna Sui Moisture Rich Foundation Primer 8ml. So the two winners will get either

1. Mascara + Primer samples OR
2. Mascara + Fragrance samples

The 2 winners please email me at and indicate whether you want choice 1 or choice 2. Whoever emails me first will get your choice of samples ^_^
Thanks once again for participating!

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