Monday, September 6, 2010

Video Tutorial: Simple Everyday Look

Today I booked an appointment for my monthly manicure and pedicure. I decided to do a "Simple Everyday Look" for my make up. Dear readers, I am usually quite a dressy person, so my meaning of "Simple look" means not much eyeshadow but lots of mascara! My look today by no means look like I do not have any make up on! Thought it is better for me to mention it first before I disappoint anyone! I also filmed my first ever video! As I am a total idiot when it comes to technology etc, I couldn't get the lighting and all perfect (sorry it's a bit too bright, forgive me >_<). But I believe if I persevere and continue to take more videos, I will definitely get better at it over time!

Video: Simple Everyday Look

My outfit:

Dress from Hypnose. Its really a top, but I am not that tall ^_^

Silver crystal sandals from Pazzion, bought ages ago

Do help me by leaving me comments how to improve my video ^_^
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Thank you for dropping by my blog again today!


Kumeri said...

Heyyyy...the video's nice !! i like the effect !! how did u do it??

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Glad you like it! My netbook comes with Windows Movie Maker. The program has video effects options. It's quite intuitive =). The more time consuming part was shortening of the actual clip!