Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sofina Beaute Whitening Emulsion + Lotion Review

I wanted to try this product for 2 weeks before I review this. But I just simply can't wait that long... because I absolutely LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I must share immediately!

Mini size, comes in cute packaging

Left to right: Sofina Beaute Whitening Lotion, Sofina Beaute Whitening Emulsion (3oml each)

These two amazing skin care products are Sofina Beaute's latest line (launched in July 2010) of anti-aging + whitening lotion and emulsion. If you have been following my previous posts, you would know that I was rather disappointed with Sofina's whitening essence (you can read my review for the whitening essence here). So this time I was cautious and decided to try its mini size pack first before buying the full size. This range, like the original Sofina Beaute range, comes in 4 different formulas, "I" which leaves skin feeling "fresh", "II" slightly moisturised, "III" moisturised and "IV" very moisturised. I bought "II" slightly moisturised. Well, the result is that... I JUST LOVE IT!

The lotion, which is used as a toner, is a semi transparent liquid that feels refreshing enough but also quite moisturising. It feels cooling to the skin when you apply it, but leaves a thin layer of moisture on your skin when the product has been absorbed. The emulsion is a semi-watery milk that you might think feels rather oily at first, but it actually is not as the product absorbs quite quickly into your skin.

Sofina Whitening Emusion, semi-watery milky texture

I have been using these two products for the past 1 week and I notice a significance reduction in the number of pimples I have on my face. Usually, I would get a few of them on my face at this time of the month, but still nothing for now! My skin looks visibly fairer and more evenly toned. I am delighted! Both products have a light floral scent, which do not bother me at all because I rather like the scent.

I just bought the full size of "I" fresh finish because I think that "II" slightly moisturised might be a bit too moisturising for Singapore's humid weather.

I got the mini size from and the full size from Adam Beauty. I usually do not buy from if other sites carry the same product, as the prices in can be marked up by a lot (but they do have the most comprehensive range of Japanese skincare + cosmetics).

I definitely recommend this product!!

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