Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sofina Whitening Essence

About 2 months ago, I became interested in Sofina's products. Since I needed to get a whitening essence, I decided to try out Sofina's new Whitening Essence. It comes in 22g and 50g. I bought the 22g. A bottle is supposed to last for around 2 months, if you apply it twice a day, morning and night.

The essence has a very light texture and was quickly absorbed when I applied it to my skin. Above photo is 2 pumps of the essence. It is enough to cover my entire face. It has a strong alcohol smell but I didn't experience any redness after using the product. There wasn't any immediate difference to my skin after application. I tried it for about 2 weeks and saw no difference to my skin. I guess this product doesn't really work for my skin! Kind of disappointed...

But of course, if you are still interested because Sofina always works for you, you can get this at a good price from Adam Beauty.

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Beauty Basics said...

Thanks for your review. I was actually considering buying a whitening essence for my freckles.