Friday, August 27, 2010

12 Simple Steps to Create an Easy Autumn Look

Hi~ I promised to do a tutorial with the new Maybelline Hyper Diamonds eye palette! Here is the look:

These are the products used:

From left to right: Maquillage Face Creator 3D in 55 Nude Tone Beige, Maybelline Hyper Diamonds in BR-1, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Majolica Marjoca Curl, curl toward the sky mascara base, Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Mascara, MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Duck, Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15 in 08 Guava Gold and 07 Bonfire

This is a close up of the palette used:
From top to bottom, left to right: Line colour- a medium brown sparkly shade, highlight- shimmery champagne, medium dark- shimmery copper, medium light- shimmery peachy pink/pinkish copper (so hard to describe!), top coat- glittery orange

12 Simple Steps:

1. Prime your eye using any eye shadow primer.

2. Using your finger, apply the highlight on your entire eyelid.

3. Blend the medium light shade on your upper medium lid.

4. Apply the medium dark colour on the lower medium lid. The colour should be blended slightly above your crease as seen from 2nd pic above. Line your lower lash line with the same colour.

5. Use the line colour to line your upper and lower lash line.

6. This step is optional. If you want your eyes to look more defined, use a brown liner (pencil or gel liner) to line your upper and lower lash line. I recommend using a liner with sparkles as the eye shadow is very sparkly. I don't have a brown liner with sparkles, so I just use a normal brown liner here. Do not use liquid liner as it will make your eye look a little harsh.

7. Apply the highlight colour to the inner corner of your eye.

8. Gently dub the glittering top coat on the centre of your eye (the part where light will reflect the most).

9. Apply a nude shade blusher to the apples of your cheeks. Use a sponge to dub away any fall outs.

10. Gently, curl your lashes. Apply mascara base and black mascara. Apply to lower lashes as well.

Some pics first...

11.Apply a light peachy gloss to your lips. Here I use Clinique's Long Last Glosswear SPF15 in 08 Guava Gold.

12. Apply a darker peachy colour to the centre of your lips (only) to create super juicy lips! Here I use Clinque's Long Last Glosswear SPF15 in 07 Bonfire.


Hope you have enjoyed this look!


Varnish Vixen said...

Wow, this is a fantastic tutorial! I am going to have to give this eye a try this weekend; it is so beautiful.

ashura said...

Glad you like it! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! Just wanted to ask, what nail color are you wearing in the pictures? It's gorgeous!!!! Thanks! ^^

ashura said...

I used Ettusais Nail Color N PK8. It is a new color launched in September this year =)

Anonymous said...

like the way u explain make up tutorial.. already tried it and i love it, tq ashura...