Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy Smokey Eyes Look

I have always loved doing smokey eyes. Here is one my favourite and super easy to do smokey eyes look. This look will not take you more than 15 mins!


Products used for this look:

From left to right, top to bottom: Kanebo Tiffa Gradation Eyeliner in BK&GY, dotdot glitter eyeliner (silver), Majolica Marjoca Curl, curl toward the sky mascara base, Maybelline Express Cat Eyes Mascara Waterproof in Feline Black,YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils in Noir Radical, Majolica Marjoca Rouge Majex Lipgloss in PK211, Clinque Long Last Gloss Wear SPF15 in 14 Cabana Crush, Jill Stuart Blush Powder in 02 Pink Passion, Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner in 1 Black Ink

The Tiffa palette contains 2 shades, dark grey and black. You can get it from Adam Beauty.

The Steps:

1. Using the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, frame your eye in black. Keep the lines intense because you are going to do some smudging later.

2. Without dipping for anymore eyeliner product, use your eyeliner brush to smudge the gel liner upwards towards your crease. You just need to run your brush along the line (left to right and upwards) in light strokes. Do the same for your lower eye.

3. The effect should be a little smokey. It does not matter if the smudging is not that neat because you will use eyeshadow to cover the line later.

4. Notice the difference before and after smudging (compare with step 1).

5. Take the grey colour of your Tiffa palette and sweep the colour all over your eyelid, till the area slightly above your crease. When you open your eye, you should see the colour slighly above your crease.

6. Sweep your eyeshadow brush back and forth to soften any hard edges of the shadow.

7. This is how your eye should look when you open it.

8. Smudge some grey eyeshadow from the Tiffa palette to your lower lash line.

9. Line your upper lash line with the black eyeshadow from the same palette.

10. Line your lower lash line with the black shadow.

11. If you want to intensify your look, use a black pencil liner to line your whole eye once more, especially your upper and lower waterline.

12. Use any silver glitter eyeliner to line the inner corner of your eye. This will brighten your eye instantly.

13. Apply mascara base and black mascara. I used the Maybelline mascara to seperate the lashes first, then used the YSL one to add volume. I do not recommend putting false lashes, as the look is already very intense. If you put on false eyelashes, the look might not be suitable for normal wear.

14. Smile. Sweep on your blusher at the apples of your cheeks. I recommend using a brighter pink.

15. Coat your lips with a light shimmery nude pink gloss.

16. Using a slightly brighter shimmery pink gloss, apply only to the centre of your upper and lower lips. This will give a boost of colour to your otherwise pale lips.

17. Look at how juicy and plumped your lips will look!


Hope you have enjoyed this look!

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