Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review on Esprique Precious New Heart Graphical Mascara in BK001

The new Esprique range is finally in Singapore! There are 8 new lipsticks altogether, a lipgloss and a new mascara. You can read more about the new range here. As I have lashes that are limpy and refuse to curl or stay curled most of the time, getting a good mascara is really important to me! So it is not a surprise that I didn't have second thoughts about grabbing this new mascara right away!

Pics first!

A "princess" feel sort of packaging

A unique "S" shaped brush, with a round tip to apply product to the lower lashes (and for reaching the shortest lashes)

I simply love how my eyes look!

Top view

The formula contains fibres for lengthening and I must say the fibres can do a very good job of it!. The top view of my lashes speaks for itself! I applied 2 coats of Majolica Marjoca's mascara base before applying 3 coats of the black mascara here. The 1st coat wasn't that impressive as the formula is not the very black sort of formula, more to just black. For the 2nd coat I was able to add a bit of volume. I waited for the mascara to become semi-dry before I applied the 3rd coat to the tips of my lashes to lengthen them. It worked out well and my lashes didn't droop after all the layering.

Another thing I like about this mascara so far is the round tip that I use to apply to the lower lashes. It was relatively easy to do so without any mess.

So far I like what I see, I will have to wear this for a few days to see whether there will be any "drooping" or smudging!

I bought this at $39. For a limited period of time, for every Heart Graphical Mascara you buy, you get a free eyelash curler which looks really cute!

Able to curl decently, but I still prefer my Jill Stuart eyelash curler

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