Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NEW! Ettusais Aqua Splash

After work each day, I would always cut through Isetan to go to the train station. After staring at it for a few days in a row, I finally succumbed to temptation and bought the new Ettusais Aqua Splash (40ml).

This product works like a normal facial mist, which replenishes the moisture of your skin whenever it feels dry, or oil start to form on your face. However, the special thing about this is that this product contains an oil absorbing powder that absorbs the oil on your face, making it matte after spraying it on.
I tested this out at the counter. At the time of testing, I had shine at my T-zone (I have combination skin). So the SA held this thing 15cm away from my face, sprayed for about 3-4 times. I saw white tiny droplets on my face, so I patted my face gently and the product absorbed quickly into my skin. My whole face amazingly became matte, without looking or feeling dry. The powder in the mist had absorbed the oil on my face. I immediately brought this home at S$29.
When I reached home about 45 minutes later, my face still looked relatively matte. I will test it out for a few days and see how long this product will keep my face matte and update here. As for now, I am indeed pretty impressed by it. If the result continues to be good, I will no longer need facial blotters...


Nancy said...

do keep us updated on how the product fare in the next few days for you!

ashura said...

Dear Nancy,
Thank you for dropping by again =) I will definitely update soon!