Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swatches for Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eye Colour Palette

As I went into Watsons today to get some necessities, I came across these affordable beauties selling at S$19.90 each. All the colours are awesome, texture silky to the touch and well pigmented. As I thought that the purple and the green palettes are really quite ordinary, I only picked up the brown and the grey.

Each palette contains 5 shades: 1 highlighter, 1 line colour, 1 medium dark shade, 1 medium light shade and 1 top coat.

The highlighter and medium light shade are frosty and shimmery whereas the medium dark and line colour are shimmery and contain very tiny sparkles. The top coat is the one that really has that "WOW" kind of effect on me. It is very sparkly and shimmery!



Application instructions are printed at the back of the palette. Very easy to follow!

Hopefully I will be able to do an eye tutorial on one of these palettes during the weekend!

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