Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring makeup and hair: Garden Tea Party Look

The 1st set of photos for my makeup portfolio are finally out!!! 
I am so excited to share o(^____^)o

On the day of portfolio making with the makeup school, we had time to create 4 different looks. This is the last look I created for the day: Garden Tea Party Look.

This is an Anna Sui inspired look. I didn't really want to spend on accessories, so I made do with what I already had at home.

For the eye makeup, I opted for strong contrasting colors: blue, purple, yellow and white for the eyelids, pink and green for lower lash line.

As the eye makeup is the focal point of this look, I used natural blush and a soft shade for the lips.

For my model's hair, I wanted to create a soft, romantic look. I curled her hair, pinned them up by sections and left a few strands of curls at the side to frame her face. 

This is one of my favourite looks of that day!

Monday, February 20, 2012

NEW! Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color & Nail Art Color N

As a fan of both Anna Sui and red blushes, there is no way I will let pass the new Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color!! It is available in 6 variations, mainly pink, orange, coral, red, brown and lavender + blue (for highlighting). 

I picked up #400, a combination of pink, rose and red.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color #400, 6g, $49 each

Casing is quite standard for Anna Sui

I swatched the 4 colors in the palette separately first:

In artificial white light

The pink on the far left is really a shimmer. The rest of the colors look like a variation of reds to me -- even the rose color in the palette turn out red at the back of my hand.

Natural daylight

The following 2 photos show how the cheek color looks when all 4 shades are mixed together.

In artificial white light

In natural daylight

#400 might look very red when swatched, but the intensity of the color could be easily controlled. I applied the colors thick so that they will show up in the photos. I have many friends who have the impression that red blush is too red, which I totally disagree. Red blush is really very natural (depending on how much you apply). Just like Benefit's famous benetint… it's supposed to be very natural, and it's red!

I definitely like the Rose Cheek Color better than the old range Anna Sui Color Accent because the pigment is better, has a little bit of shimmer, lasts longer, and the color shows up clearer!

I also couldn't resist picking up some nail colors, in the new packaging :)

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N, 8ml, $24 each

Glossy opaque black

Some might be curious why I would choose such a plain black from Anna Sui. Well, just like reds, I prefer to buy from a good brand where intensity of color is achieved with just 2 coats :)  

Medium berry, more to purple than pink

What I really like about these polishes is that the finish is really really glossy! Both colors I applied 2 coats without top coat, and they are already super shiny. The polish in the 2 photos are surface dry, but they remain glossy enough for me not to put top coat after painting! 

The formula is good and easy to apply. The brush is ok, though not as good as OPI's blushes, but good enough to apply streak free nail polish. 

I am very happy with my purchase this time!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion Makeup/makeover for more friends/performances!

A quick sharing of some of my recent work - makeup related :)

Makeup: Ashura
Photography: Jensen
Model: Audrey 

The 2 photos above are taken for my makeup portfolio by my photography com web designer friend Jensen. This is 1 of the 3 looks I came up with last week during the photography session. More photos will be uploaded once I am free to go choose the rest from Jensen! 

Natural sweet and feminine makeup for LX, who was going to attend her friend's wedding dinner :)

Chic 'going out' makeup for XQ. Sassy and not over the top.

Smoky eyes for my friend W. She has such big eyes that I just wanted to do makeup for her! 

Bridal makeup and hair for WA. My hairstyle are more of the unconventional sort. I like braids and soft curls - more of those romantic looks.

Makeup for Indonesian performers at the Orchard Road Christmas performance 2011. Gold and turquoise eyes!

Blue and black eyeshadow for the Japanese performer, who wanted less eyeshadow after I was done. LOL.

The last performer I did makeup for that day (out of many many many others), who wanted the same smoky eye makeup I had on myself! Hahaha!

Hope you liked these looks ^_______^

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NOTD: OPI Ski Teal We Drop

First time painting my nails after a long long time!
Today's shade is a lovely dark blue green ~ OPI Ski Teal We Drop :)

Photo taken under artificial light, without flash

Same as above

Natural daylight

Artificial light, with flash

Color is very dark, but it's very obviously teal!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

MISSHA Flower Bouquet Maylily Cleansing Cream and Cleansing Foam

This is my first time trying Missha skincare. I am really not very sure what to expect. I stepped into the shop looking for facial cleanser, and instantly I got attracted to these:

I bought these because I so LUVVV the lily scent of the products. So light and calming and floral. I simply love floral scents!

Maylily Cleansing Cream, 182ml, $19.90

I started using cleansing creams upon recommendation by the beautician who does maintenance facials for me every month. She once commented that I had too many white heads, and asked if I used cleansing oil. I told her positive, and she told me that cleansing oils are really bad because they clog my pores. At first, I did not believe her, as I only used the best cleansing oils out there.

Nevertheless, I started using cleansing cream about 1.5 months ago, and I have never been happier!! I didn't have pimples anymore, until 2 days ago when one popped out suddenly (grrrrrrrrrrrr). Really, 1.5 months and only 1 pimple - pretty impressive :) White heads on nose, forehead and side of cheeks are noticeably reduced, and I don't really need to use pore pack for my nose anymore. I am so glad I started using cleansing cream!

Anyway, the Maylily cleansing cream does deep cleansing for my skin. I use a cherry size amount each time, and I only use it at night. I massage the cream all over my dry face for about a minute to remove makeup (nothing waterproof), then rinse with water. I repeat the same process for a second time. If I do not put makeup on that day, I will just wash with the cream once instead of twice. 

I have used other creams before, long long time ago (like Kose and Kanebo), and I am glad to say that this one feels less greasy on the skin as compared to those I had used before. The result is fresh, not to mention the process absolutely pleasant because I love the lily scent. I like it!

Rating: 5/5. No reason not to give it full marks. It's reasonably priced, does its job, and smells great! For me, at least.

Maylily Cleansing Foam, 232ml, $19.90

This tube of stuff is HUGE. I have never seen such a large tube of foaming cleanser. I believe I will take many many months to finish it.

Texture is really stiff. Interesting~

Very foamy!! So fun to play with! HAHAHA
I bought this to use for mornings. It has the same awesome scent as the cleansing cream. It is a very normal tube of cleansing foam. After the wash, my face feels clean and refreshed, however slightly tight. I am not too bothered by it, as I always put toner, serum and moisturiser immediately after that. I think I will still be using this next year this time ^_________^, but I don't think I will repurchase after I am finally through with it!

Rating: 3/5. Great value for money, but slightly drying for skin. There are better cleansers around.