Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring makeup and hair: Garden Tea Party Look

The 1st set of photos for my makeup portfolio are finally out!!! 
I am so excited to share o(^____^)o

On the day of portfolio making with the makeup school, we had time to create 4 different looks. This is the last look I created for the day: Garden Tea Party Look.

This is an Anna Sui inspired look. I didn't really want to spend on accessories, so I made do with what I already had at home.

For the eye makeup, I opted for strong contrasting colors: blue, purple, yellow and white for the eyelids, pink and green for lower lash line.

As the eye makeup is the focal point of this look, I used natural blush and a soft shade for the lips.

For my model's hair, I wanted to create a soft, romantic look. I curled her hair, pinned them up by sections and left a few strands of curls at the side to frame her face. 

This is one of my favourite looks of that day!


InsideOut Elle said...

you're makeup school? cool :)! And congrats on getting your portfolio done - and the look is very pretty!

ashura said...

Hihi Elle!
Yup I went to makeup school :) Thank you!

cushy said...

the look shout spring in a good way :) beautiful look and congrats on getting your portfolio done.

Anna said...

Fantastic pictures, the make-up is adorable!

Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous! I love the bright eye colour look, the whole look looks pretty and feminine. Great job! Must be so exciting for you.

VividSaavY©2010 said...

lovely and beautiful post