Sunday, February 5, 2012

MISSHA Flower Bouquet Maylily Cleansing Cream and Cleansing Foam

This is my first time trying Missha skincare. I am really not very sure what to expect. I stepped into the shop looking for facial cleanser, and instantly I got attracted to these:

I bought these because I so LUVVV the lily scent of the products. So light and calming and floral. I simply love floral scents!

Maylily Cleansing Cream, 182ml, $19.90

I started using cleansing creams upon recommendation by the beautician who does maintenance facials for me every month. She once commented that I had too many white heads, and asked if I used cleansing oil. I told her positive, and she told me that cleansing oils are really bad because they clog my pores. At first, I did not believe her, as I only used the best cleansing oils out there.

Nevertheless, I started using cleansing cream about 1.5 months ago, and I have never been happier!! I didn't have pimples anymore, until 2 days ago when one popped out suddenly (grrrrrrrrrrrr). Really, 1.5 months and only 1 pimple - pretty impressive :) White heads on nose, forehead and side of cheeks are noticeably reduced, and I don't really need to use pore pack for my nose anymore. I am so glad I started using cleansing cream!

Anyway, the Maylily cleansing cream does deep cleansing for my skin. I use a cherry size amount each time, and I only use it at night. I massage the cream all over my dry face for about a minute to remove makeup (nothing waterproof), then rinse with water. I repeat the same process for a second time. If I do not put makeup on that day, I will just wash with the cream once instead of twice. 

I have used other creams before, long long time ago (like Kose and Kanebo), and I am glad to say that this one feels less greasy on the skin as compared to those I had used before. The result is fresh, not to mention the process absolutely pleasant because I love the lily scent. I like it!

Rating: 5/5. No reason not to give it full marks. It's reasonably priced, does its job, and smells great! For me, at least.

Maylily Cleansing Foam, 232ml, $19.90

This tube of stuff is HUGE. I have never seen such a large tube of foaming cleanser. I believe I will take many many months to finish it.

Texture is really stiff. Interesting~

Very foamy!! So fun to play with! HAHAHA
I bought this to use for mornings. It has the same awesome scent as the cleansing cream. It is a very normal tube of cleansing foam. After the wash, my face feels clean and refreshed, however slightly tight. I am not too bothered by it, as I always put toner, serum and moisturiser immediately after that. I think I will still be using this next year this time ^_________^, but I don't think I will repurchase after I am finally through with it!

Rating: 3/5. Great value for money, but slightly drying for skin. There are better cleansers around.


Rinny said...

The cleansing cream sounds really good! I never knew that cleansing oils clogged pores though - isn't the oil supposed to clear out the dirt from pores? I hate how there's so many contradicting opinions on these kinds of things :/

Janet said...

seems pretty promising..hope this is available in our branch here..thanks for sharing =)

hydrating skin care ingredients said...

Well this is good info for me. Thanks for sharing this!

Fen said...

does this replace your cleansing oil as in your 'make up remover' cleansing oil?

i want to try this but not sure to use as a cleanser or make up remover.

ashura said...

Hi Fen,
To a certain extent the cream can be used to remove makeup. However, it cannot remove waterproof mascara & stubborn lipstick, unlike cleansing oil. So usually, I will use eye makeup remover to remove my eye makeup and lipstick, then use the cream to remove foundation and the rest of the makeup. The cream removes makeup and cleanses your face at the same time, so there is no need to use facial cleanser after that. However, if you are worried that it's not clean enough, you could always use the cream to wash your face a second time (though according to the sales person, it is not necessary).

Fen said...

I see, thansk so much! I cant wait to try!!