Monday, February 20, 2012

NEW! Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color & Nail Art Color N

As a fan of both Anna Sui and red blushes, there is no way I will let pass the new Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color!! It is available in 6 variations, mainly pink, orange, coral, red, brown and lavender + blue (for highlighting). 

I picked up #400, a combination of pink, rose and red.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color #400, 6g, $49 each

Casing is quite standard for Anna Sui

I swatched the 4 colors in the palette separately first:

In artificial white light

The pink on the far left is really a shimmer. The rest of the colors look like a variation of reds to me -- even the rose color in the palette turn out red at the back of my hand.

Natural daylight

The following 2 photos show how the cheek color looks when all 4 shades are mixed together.

In artificial white light

In natural daylight

#400 might look very red when swatched, but the intensity of the color could be easily controlled. I applied the colors thick so that they will show up in the photos. I have many friends who have the impression that red blush is too red, which I totally disagree. Red blush is really very natural (depending on how much you apply). Just like Benefit's famous benetint… it's supposed to be very natural, and it's red!

I definitely like the Rose Cheek Color better than the old range Anna Sui Color Accent because the pigment is better, has a little bit of shimmer, lasts longer, and the color shows up clearer!

I also couldn't resist picking up some nail colors, in the new packaging :)

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N, 8ml, $24 each

Glossy opaque black

Some might be curious why I would choose such a plain black from Anna Sui. Well, just like reds, I prefer to buy from a good brand where intensity of color is achieved with just 2 coats :)  

Medium berry, more to purple than pink

What I really like about these polishes is that the finish is really really glossy! Both colors I applied 2 coats without top coat, and they are already super shiny. The polish in the 2 photos are surface dry, but they remain glossy enough for me not to put top coat after painting! 

The formula is good and easy to apply. The brush is ok, though not as good as OPI's blushes, but good enough to apply streak free nail polish. 

I am very happy with my purchase this time!


Cindy said...

Great review! I can't wait to get my hands on the blush!

Isolde said...

Oh, that looks lovely! Very bright though! I've got the blue-violet highlighter shade, and have been trying to decide which of the blush colours I wanted to get. So hard to choose!

ashura said...

I know!! I just want to get all colors because they are all so lovely!!