Sunday, September 5, 2010

NEW Autumn/ Winter 2010 Anna Sui Eye Color Duo swatches

Got a few products from Anna Sui recently! I got the NEW Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection Eye Color Duo, in 01, 03 and 06. I also got its new Eye Brighter, which is in fact an eyeshadow primer. Finally, I also grabbed the Face Color Accent in 400, a color I had been eying but never got around to getting it. Let me show you all the products first.

From left to right: Anna Sui Accent Color in 400, Anna Sui Eye Brightener, Anna Sui Eye Colour Duo in 03

From left to right: Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in 06, Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in 01

For the Anna Sui Eye Color Duo, there are 7 palettes altogether and each palette retails at S$51 (luckily I got a few Isetan vouchers recently). This is an interesting product. Each palette contains 2 colours, but when you mix the 2 colours together, you get a third colour. The top colour of the palette is a powder shadow and the bottom a cream shadow. You can apply the cream shadow first, then blend with the powder shadow. The cream shadow apply more sheer and require layering if you prefer an intense look. The power shadow is finely milled and colour payoff is good. The result is really pretty! I have done a Pink Dolly Look with the 01 palette, which you can read about here.

Swatches first!

Nothing can give a better first impression then cute packaging!

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in 01, Pink Shimmery powder shadow and black cream shadow

When you layer the pink over the black shadow, you get purple! How cool can that be!

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in 03, gold shimmery powder shadow and cobalt blue cream shadow

When you layer the gold over blue, you get green!

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in 06, shimmery greenish blue powder shadow and dark muted purple cream shadow

After layering the greenish blue over purple, you get a nice dusty blue!

I really love this collection! I would get all the palettes if I could! As for the eye brightener, is it a cream base that brightens the eye area, as well as a product that keeps shadow on longer. There is no shimmer in the brightener and it has the signature Anna Sui rosy scent.

From left to right, top to bottom: Anna Sui Eye Brightener, Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in 03 without primer, Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in 03 layered over Anna Sui Eye Brightener

As you can see, the colour of the eye shadow is much more intense after using the eye brightener, especially the cream shadow! I used 2 strokes for each colour! After that, I did a little experiment with Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer Potion.

From top to bottom: Eye Colour Duo in 03 layered over Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Eye Colour Duo in 03 layered over Anna Sui Eye Brightener

I was surprised by the result. I thought that Urban Decay will win with 2 hands up, but I was wrong! The powder shadow showed up equally well with both primers, but the Urban Decay did not work well with the cream shadow. The colour turned out a little uneven and did not really enhance its colour! The real test will be its staying powder I guess. I will test that out again.


Anna Sui Color Accent in 400. A wonderful red blusher!

You get an intense red when you layer the colour on, but a nice sheer reddish flush when you apply it sheer. I love to wear this with red clothing!


Lisa ♔ said...


I am sorry that I haven't been able to get back to you recently, I have had large volume of comments due to my Give away, The comment moderation page are working fine now, I do apologise =)

I think these are really pretty, the colors are vibrantly striking, the palette itself looks too pretty!

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Hvae a great day =D

Jacqueline said...

I like the 03 duo best, very pretty.

ashura said...

Yup yup! If i could I would get all the 7 duos!

Kai said...

glad i saw your post. i recently bought one of the duo's, the bright green and purple one and tried it the other day, and was incredibly disappointed. the green was finely milled and i was surprised at how it's pigmented, yet not overwhelming at all. it's almost like it's sheer, but not???

i was actualyl most interesed in the purple, when i swatched in store it looked gorgeous. but when i tried to player on top of the green, it became this really meh color and it was ultra unpigmented i thought.

now i know why...i was layering a semi sheer cream color on a powder -_-;;; it's weird, i totally could not tell the bottom shades are creams at all, and even when i swatched them i didn't notice it (though i was a little harried, i was in an AS boutique for first time in my life, totally overwhelmed! LOL)

anywayz, def gonna try again with the purple UNDER the green next :D

ashura said...

I am glad my post is helpful to u =)