Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Best False Eyelashes Collection

I am a total eyelash addict, so I have a vast collection of mascaras and false lashes. I started collecting false lashes back in 2005. Today I want to share with you some of my favourite false lashes! As I bought some of the lashes quite some time ago, I might not be remember all of the prices (especially the Shu Uemura ones, because they have increased their prices since the time I bought them).

Somehow today my pics aren't the best quality, so do forgive me if the lighting of the pics are of different qualities. Also, I noticed that the angle which I took the photos seem to make my eye look a bit droopy. I will try to find a better angle to take eye photos for my next post. I promise!

1. Natural Look
Spring Heart Eyelash 09, SGD7.90 (I think), available at Watson's

Etude House Natural Lash, SGD5.90

Canmake Eyelash No 11, SGD9.90, available at Watson's
This is definitely my favourite of the lot! Gives you that mascara advertisement sort of eyelashes!

2. More Volume and Length
Ardell 102 Demi Black, SGD8.99, available at Watson's
Very defined look! Second on my list~

Ardell 120 Demi Black, SGD8.99, available at Watson's

3. Dramatic Look
Shu Uemura Smoky Layers, SGD34 (at time of purchase)
Definitely not for everyday wear!

Heroine Make Impact Eyelashe 03 (Volume Long), SGD9.90, available at Watson's & Sasa
I must say, these were quite heavy for my eyes!

4. Unique
Stage FAKE IT! False Lash Stardust, SGD16, got these from Bugis BHG
These are very sparkly, recommended for night wear. I don't really recommend these for day wear because the lashes kind of look like they have specks of whitish stuff on them in normal lighting

Shu Uemura Luxe Brown, SGD39 (at time of purchase)
These are actually brown, so when you put them on, it's in between natural and long

Canmake Eyelash No 10, SGD9.90, available at Watson's
This is third on my list! Gives a slanted look, really unique!

I hope you love eyelashes as much as I do!


Rakhshanda said...

Wow they all are looking great. I just love false lashes. I use Revlon and Fuso ones....never tried these. Great post!!

ashura said...

Hi Rakhshanda,
Oh I didn't know Revlon has false lashes! Where do you get them?

Varnish Vixen said...

These look great! I am so impressed I always struggle with false eyelashes. :( :(

InsideOut Elle said...

Oo thanks for this post! I've been experimenting with false lashes lately so this will be helpful :} These look really nice on you, esp Etude House and Ardell :)!

ARA said...

you have so many! I never used fake eyelashes till now because I was always afraid they might look too unatural but you have some who look great for everyday wear.


Sophie-Lou-J said...

Wow great post they all look great ! i wish i had them all aswell :) x ,ive also awarded you an award over at my blog :) check it out lovely!
sophie-lou x

ashura said...

Hi Varnish Vixen,
I usually apply lashes to the middle of my eyelid first, as close to lash line as possible, then use tweezers to fix the outer corner then inner corner. Not sure if this tip will help~ =)

Hi InsideOut Elle,
Welcome to the club of false lashes =) My eyes really open up when I wear false lashes, and usually I get better results with more natural styles like Etude House's. Love the brand!

Ardell has really very natural styles that you would find suitable =) The Ardell Sweeties Black is quite good too! I actually used it for my tutorial "Laneige Mystic Veil Look" and "Smokey Eyes for a Fun Night Out". Maybe you can see if you like them =D

Hi Sophie-Lou-J
Wow thanks~ I just checked it out... LOVELY =D

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the lash post, I have been wondering about the Camcake lashes. The Shu ones look gorgeous on you!

ashura said...

Hi Jacqueline,
Thanks for dropping by again~ I think the Canmake ones are great, looking at the price and design. The quality is good enough to be worn a few times just like the Shu Uemura ones. You should really try~!

Anonymous said...

where do you get the glue from ?

ashura said...

Hmm the glue I used here is actually a small tube included in some lash pack I bought in Japan. But from experience the Shu Uemura one is quite good (can attach lash without the need to wait for glue to become semi-dry). Or the Heroine Make eyelash fixer is not bad either (need to wait around 6-10s before sticking). Shu Uemura sticks better but sometimes white glue does not turn totally transparent (need to use black liner to touch up). Heroine Make is harder to stick but easier to remove. Hope this helps~

siwing said...

I love Canmake Eyelash No 11!! So natural !! I have no idea where to get Canmake lashes... Only in Asia?

ashura said...

Hi siwing,
I am glad you like no 11! You can get Canmake lashes from Bobodave and Ichibankao. Bobodave only carries the older styles whereas Ichibankao has the latest ones. Usually Ichibankao mark up the prices quite a little and I only get from them when I can't get the stuff anywhere else. But seems like the prices from these 2 places are quite comparable for the Canmake lashes (though still a little as compared to getting them in Asia)! Happy Shopping =)



Steph said...

the canmake ones are so pretty~
gotta keep my eyes open for those

Anonymous said...


Your canmake number 11 looks different from the ones i'm finding on other sites... including the site you reccomended.

Yours is just light on the inner corner, but the ones i'm finding are just more dense in the middle and lighter on both sides.

Are yours different somehow? I like yours better!

ashura said...

Oh you are right. As my eyes are not that big I had to trim the Canmake lashes No 11. So the dense part of the lash was actually placed in the middle of the lash. I trimmed the lashes before I decided to post about it. Sorry ><