Friday, December 24, 2010

Cate Blanchett & Rochas SK-II 2010 Christmas Set Emulsion Compact (Limited Edition)

The SKII Cellumination Essence-in Foundation is my current favourite foundation. I love this foundation because of these reasons:
1) Evens out my skin tone
2) Makes me look fair
3) Easy to apply and spread
4) Good enough coverage
5) My skin appears fair even I remove the foundation

This is a cream compact foundation. It turns semi-powdery upon application. It gives a dewy finish, and gives your complexion a radiant glow.

You can imagine my excitement when SKII released a limited edition casing for this foundation this Christmas!!

This compact is the result of a collaboration between ROCHAS, Cate Blanchett and SKII. "ROCHAS is a fashion, beauty and perfume house founded in 1925 by Marcel Rochas, the first founder of 2/3 length of coats and skirts with pockets." ( Cate Blanchett personally designed this beautiful champagne compact. This Christmas set comes with 3 things:

1) Emulsion Compact
2) Choice of Cellumination Essence-in Foundation or Skin Signature Cream-in Foundation
3) SKII Facial Treatment Essence in 150ml or 215ml

The price of the set is the price of the foundation refill + Facial Treatment Essence. So technically, the casing is free. I am not sure whether this is available elsewhere other than Hong Kong. I chose the Cellumination Essence-in Foundation (HKD400) and Facial Treatment Essence 215ml (HKD980).

Intricate drawings inside the box

Cellumination Essence-in Foundation in color 420

The original case color is white.
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Anonymous said...

This looks like a really pretty set. My mum loves this foundation.. but she finds it hard to refill because they dont sell it in the UK. Merry Xmas :)

Anna Crystal said...

What an elegant packging! Season's Greetings from Germany <3

InsideOut Elle said...

oommg I am dying to try SkII! I just got the tiny bottle of the skii essence and I am so excited to see how it turns out ^_^ And the packaging is just so beautiful and elegant~

Merry Christmas ash!

gyc said...

the packaging is so classy! happy christmas ^^

Musicalhouses said...

Wow, the compact looks so pretty! Even the box is gorgeous :)

Mary in Wonder said...

very pretty and luxurious!
Merry Christmas!

Beauty Addict said...

that looks amazing!! I love the packaging!
I'd love to see swatches!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Fluffy Porsche said...

I find it cakey when I apply. Is there any technique that helps to apply this well?

ashura said...

Hi Fluffy Porsche,
I usually apply with the sponge provided. First I pick up the foundation by swirling the sponge in it (to mix the white and beige) then I dab the excess away onto the back of my hand. I dab the foundation onto my face. I don't swipe but dab. It takes longer but the foundation becomes very light and even on my skin. Despite the thin layer, the foundation should cover flaws pretty well -- if not, you could dab on another layer =) Hope this helps!

jenny said...

Do you also use the powder? please post if they have the powder new packaging...

ashura said...

Hi Jenny,
Do you mean the setting powder? Or the foundation powder? I do not right now for both, but thinking of trying! Am probably going to buy some in Taiwan soon! Think it's cheaper there than Singapore.