Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Hello Kitty 2010 Leather Wallet

New Hello Kitty leather wallet!!

Patent Leather, 4.25"X 3.25" approx, HKD320

Embroidered Hello Kitty wording, in pink

2 cards compartment

More spacing for cards

Zipped coins compartment

Once zipper is opened, there are 2 compartments

Cute heart shaped charm for the zipper

2 notes compartments

Another space for cards/ papers at the back of the wallet

2 closure bottons, in case the wallet gets thicker and thicker with... more shopping receipts...?

The sales told me this is their latest wallet design for 2010. It comes in light pink as well, with gold threading. Mine is black with pink threading. The leather for pink is not patent, but matte. I do not have much knowledge of different leather types, not sure if there is such a thing called matte leather =) The wallet is just the right size, perfect for ladies who love to carry small handbags.

Love my new wallet =D


dodo said...

this is so cute!!!!! where did you get this?

liz said...


slowbrogal said...

So cute~~~

alvira said...

Aww it's so cute hello kitty is my all time favourite

Rakhshanda said...

So cute!!

SiSi Sparkles said...

Too cute! love it :[

ashura said...

Hihi Dodo...
I got this in Hong Kong, a shop which sells Sanrio stationary, not a Sanrio shop. But I think this should be available at most Sanrio shops =)

siwing said...

i love that the inside has the hearts!!

so cute !!

Deniska said...

So cute! I want it! Where I can offer it? Write me please: Thanks a lot!

ashura said...

Hi Deniska
Thanks for reading my blog :)
Unfortunately… I bought this wallet in Hong Kong a year ago. If you are lucky, you might still be able to find it at any Sanrio shops!