Thursday, November 18, 2010

*UPDATED* Review: BB Cream Comparison (Skin Food, Maybelline, Skin79, Freshel)

BB Cream stands for 'Blemish Balm Cream'. It is a foundation with skincare properties, like moisturising effect, whitening effect, wrinkle improvement etc... The cool thing about BB cream is that it's like an 'all-in-one' cream - after you put your daily moisturiser, you don't need sunblock, makeup base and foundation to achieve flawless skin. All you need is just one cream, your BB cream. It functions as sunblock, makeup base and foundation! As a BB cream is still a cosmetic and NOT a skincare product, you still need to remove it with makeup remover every night! Never sleep with your BB cream on =D

As compared to a lot of bloggers, my collection of BB cream is small. These are the only 4 I have:

SKIN79, VIP Gold Collection, 40g, SGD39 (approx...)

This is by no means a new product ^^" So many bloggers have blogged about this already hahaha... But anyway, I will still talk briefly about this...
This BB cream claims to:
1. whiten,
2. protect against UV rays (SPF25 PA++),
3. reduce appearance of wrinkles.

Kanebo Freshel White C W Cream UV, 50g, SGD33

This BB cream claims to:
1. moisturise the skin,
2. covers pores and dullness,
3. protect against UV rays (SPF32 PA++) and resists fading (Ok I have no idea what this means?? Resists fading?? Hmmm like the foundation will stay put and last all day?),
4. acts as makeup base and foundation.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream, 18g, SGD16.90 (I think...)

This is what the product claims to do:
1. brightens skin,
2. covers imperfections, reduce appearance of pores, skin redness disappears,
3. moisturises + protects against UV rays (SPF26 PA+++)

Skin Food Agave Cactus Sun BB Cream, 40g, SGD49.90 (ekkks extremely overpriced. Buy it in Korea if you can!! Or try buy from Korea BB)

You can squeeze out the product from the nozzle

Or use the in-built sponge applicator (which I find totally useless... because you can't wash the sponge)

This product claims to:
1. provide long moisture retention
2. give UV protection (SPF36 PA+++)

Left to right: SKIN79, Freshel, Skin Food, Maybelline

Left to right: SKIN79, Freshel, Skin Food, Maybelline

The following review is based on my skin condition and color.

I am a M.A.C NC20. I have normal to combination skin, with a slightly oilier T-zone and dryer cheeks. I have a few faint pimple scars, slightly larger pores on skin near to nose area, but general skin condition is good. A few dark spots (sob sob) on my cheeks.

Although all 4 colors are different, all 4 seem to suit my skin color when applied (as you can see from 2nd swatch photo, all blend well).

Texture: Slightly thick
Coverage: Sheer
Color: Fair, pink base (looks almost grey isn't it?)
*Oil Control: Fair

Texture: Slightly thick
Coverage: Medium to full
Color: Beige (seems to suit my skin color best!!)
Oil Control: To Be Updated. I just bought this today, so I have not tested it out yet. Please come back tomorrow and I will update on this page!!

Oil Control: Good. It's oil control power is the same as the Skin Food BB Cream on my skin.

Skin Food:
Texture: Like typical foundation, just right
Coverage: Medium
Color: Beige Pink
Oil Control: Good, perhaps because it moisturises well?

Texture: To the thin side, almost like emulsion
Coverage: Sheer to medium
Color: Slightly fair, Pink base
Oil Control: Average

*Oil control meter:
Poor --> Fair --> Average --> Good --> Excellent

For me, when I select foundation, I definitely go for beige shades instead of pink shades. However, surprisingly, all the colors with pink base work for me (Skin79, Skinfood, Mayeblline). I suspect the reason might be the sheer to medium coverage instead of full coverage!

For all 4 BB Creams, I don't smell any strong scent when applied, but that could be just me ^^

Personally, my favorite so far is the Skin Food Agave Cactus Sun BB Cream... but I have a feeling I might switch to Freshel after trying it out tomorrow!! Just a feeling...

*UPDATE*: Right now, I like both Skin Food and Freshel equally. The Freshel BB cream is really easy to apply and I am able to spread the product evenly without effect on my skin. However, I can't say that it is better then Skin Food because the oil control power is not better but only equal. Oh how I wish that I could find a foundation that can really control the oil on my face!!

I hope this post has helped anyone looking for a BB Cream!


Marie said...

This is such a great post! I'm not that into BB Creams and this definitely gave me an overview.:D

Thank you!:D

***** Marie *****

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You have just validated my need to try the Skinfood Aloe BB cream!! :) I was pondering about it for awhile, but I think I'll make the purchase. Yikes, it's expensive though! =/

Anonymous said...

you have a nice BB cream collection.. glad to hear they all match your skin tone well too!