Tuesday, November 30, 2010

*UPDATED* Review: Skinfood Agave Cactus Skincare Range

Today, I am going to review on my current favorite skincare line from Skinfood, the Agave Cactus Range.

From left to right: Agave Cactus Cream (Light) SGD59.90, Agave Cactus Serum SGD59.90, Agave Cactus Toner SGD54.90

The Skinfood Agave Cactus line has anti-wrinkle and brightening effects on the skin and is able to keep the skin hydrated and healthy during summer (yes Singapore is summer all year round =D).


This toner has a refreshing finish. I am not sure, but I don't think it's alcohol base. I never read the ingredients section when it comes to skincare, but I doubt I will be able to understand the ingredients section for any Skinfood products LOL

*UPDATE* After using this toner for quite a while now, I think it DOES contain alcohol... cause it does kind of sting my eyes a little when I use it (just a little)... not a big problem to me, but I don't think I will repurchase it.


Hygienic pump bottle

3 pumps should be sufficient for the whole face, massaged in.

This serum has a texture like emulsion. After it's absorbed, it's non-sticky and leaves my skin moisturised.


Gel-like texture

This is my favourite of the lot. The cream has a very light gel-like texture. It's water based and absorbs into my skin really fast. About 5 minutes after application, the cream is totally absorbed into my skin, leaving my face soft and smooth. However, I notice that it is not moisturising enough for me when used alone, because I woke up with my skin feeling tight, especially when I slept with the air-con on. Luckily, when I use this with the serum, my skin feels just fine in the morning, smooth and hydrated =) This range also has a more hydrating cream called the Agave Cactus Cream (Hydrating). I have tried the sample before and I find it a bit oiler than the light cream. It has a more creamy texture and takes a longer time to absorb into my skin. So in the end, I chose the lighter version!

Super cute packaging detail on all the bottle caps

All the 3 products has a mild fresh scent. I am not sure how to describe it, but it makes me think of cucumbers! I believe the whole range has the same scent, including the Agave Cactus BB Cream, which I posted (and loved) about recently.

I find this range extremely expensive to buy in Singapore. But... I loved the samples too much to resist buying! I needed a new moisturiser, so I decided to cajole my husband into buying this for me =) My skin kind of broke out after using the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculping Cream (I am still not sure whether it really was the cream or I just happened to break out that week. I loved it at first because my face became really smaller after a few days!), so I decided to go for something lighter this time!


InsideOut Elle said...

ahhh I love Skinfood!! The only Agave Cactus thing I've tried is their face primer (which was useless) but smelled so GOOD ^_^ to me it smelled like a sweet cucumber...a bit candy-ish? But yeah, the packaging on the Agave Cactus line is so pretty ^_^

My mom uses the Olay line and she says it really is only for *ahem* old people. She says it used to break her out when she was young, it just works really well for her now since she actually has a few wrinkles and mature skin. I tried it once and it broke me out too - it's just too oily and rich :\

Anonymous said...

I used the agave cactus set samples too. I agree they smell so good and the packaging is so pretty! thanks for sharing!