Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Blog Award

I have mixed feelings when I post about this award. On one hand, I am very happy to be tagged for this award. On the other hand, I feel so ashamed~ because I was awarded this by Rakhshanda from Chamber of Beauty all the way back in September... and then now again by Elle from InsideOut Elle. Ok, how can I be so lazy to post about a blog award I received??
So anyways, thanks~~ Rakhshanda and Elle =)
What I am supposed to do is to tag 15 other blogs I have just discovered. So here they are:
1) Marie (All Things Marie)
2) Jess (Oh... pretty!!) She is moving from blogger though
3) Siwing (Life's a beach)
4) Angie (Pandaphilia)
10) Cynthia (Slowbro's Dreams)
12) Mimi (What Mimi Writes)
13) Jessie (87 Life)
14) Sisi (Sisi Sparkles)
Do check out these blogs =D
Anyway, I am still having problems with the page layout, no idea why =(


slowbrogal said...

Awww... Dear, thanks for the taggie. What happened to the layout? It seems ok to me. ^^

ashura said...

Hmmm don't know what's the problem with all the huge spacing between the lines...

galpal.hi said...

Thank you for tagging me. I'll post about this on my blog soon.