Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Latest Sin: Nine West Boots - Amaya

Yes. I have sinned. When I came across this pair of beautiful boots, I simply couldn't help myself and whipped out my wallet... Nine West, Amaya, black suede.

Such a big pretty bow at the back

Simple front view

I can imagine myself wearing this with an oversized blazer, long T-shirt and jeans. I can also imagine myself wearing this with a knee length sweater dress, complete with long necklace. And I definitely can imagine myself wearing this with a simple shirt and mini skirt/shorts with big earrings.

This pair of boots has a 4" heel and 1/2" platform. It is round toe so I think it will be quite comfortable to wear. 3 1/2" (since it has a 1/2" platform) sounds like a manageable height for me, but to play safe I will use some padding for the balls of feet. For this height, I don't think I will wear it for a whole day of shopping, but maybe half a day.

Since the shaft of the boots is not really that high, I think I will dare to wear this in Singapore, without looking like a wannabe. As this pair of boots is made of suede, I sprayed a leather protector all over it to make it water resistant.

I really can't wait to wear this!! Should I wear it tomorrow??


alvira said...

They are sooo pretty I love the bow and yes you should wear them tomorrow

InsideOut Elle said...

ooo I normally don't like things with bows but this is strangely very trendy ^_^ I like how smooth and chic it is in the front then totally sassy in the back ^_^

galpal.hi said...

I LOVE bows! These boots are sooo cute! I don't know if I could handle the heel height though. I just bought a pair of boots too but they are low heeled and cut just above the ankles.


Jacqueline said...

Those boots are so gorgeous! I'm so jealous, I can't wear heels for nuts!

Anonymous said...

the boots are so cute!! would love to see how you put it together with your outfit :)