Saturday, November 6, 2010

Makeover for Friends

Recently, I started doing makeover for friends. I have always been quite confident about putting on makeup for myself, but I discover that it is really not easy doing it for another person!! Everyone's eye shapes, skin tone, skin texture are all different; and I really have to use the right techniques and right colors to get the right look. I learnt so much, thanks to my dear friends!

So my ex-colleague has this function to attend in 2 weeks' time. So me being me, crazy over fashion and makeup, offered to help choose her dress, makeup, shoes & accessories etc. It's just fabulous shopping with other people's $$$ (hahaha)!! Guilt free and wallet friendly! I invited this friend of mine over and did a trial makeover for her.

Her dress is an interesting color - golden green with black stripe design. I wanted to create a classy yet sexy look for her, so I suggested to her that she should match the dress with a pair of black sparkly heels and big jewel necklace (since big accessories are IN this year).

She came over to my house and I requested for her to be my makeup model =) To match the green theme, I used Lunasol's Star Shower Eyes 02 on her.



I am really quite pleased with the result, as my friend's eyes became really so beautiful and shimmery! The false eyelashes used were natural and opened up her eyes.

My friend was really humorous. When she reached home that night, she told me that she felt sad removing the makeup because it was really a pity that she wasn't going somewhere to have fun with such pretty makeup. I was ecstatic that she liked what I did for her =D

I had so much fun doing it. I feel a great sense of achievement whenever I make others look pretty. Every girl deserves to look and feel her best!

The other day I overheard a few new colleagues saying that they wanted to go for makeover, so I asked them to let me do their makeup for them. This is so exciting! I am really looking forward to next week =)


Jess said...

I totally agree about it's quite difficult to get used to put on makeup on other people, for the reasons you mentioned!

But you did a great job on your friend - considering she has a completely different eye shape than yours. I would be sad to remove it too! ;)

alvira said...

Well you did a great job her eyes look so beautiful and more wide

Lola B. said...

I think you did a great job! Her eyes look big and bright. :]

Mary in Wonder said...

So true! I'm always afraid to poke their eyes or something like that XD

Let's see those other makeovers when they are done! ^.~

ashura said...

Hey guys,
Phew! I am glad I passed~ Hopefully I will still be doing the makeovers and will definitely post pics here if I do!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I only read your post now haha. Well, I am the person she did make up for. It really look better in real life, can't help it! I am not photogenic at all!
Anyway I am really please with the end result. I look so much brighter and alert when I go out now!
I was completely hopeless in make up before this. But now, I feel more confident when I go out, due to all the tutorials I have read on her blog, seen on her videos as well as face to face teachings. Now my skills are much improved. I can't believe such a large difference in the before and after change was even possible.
Now I am convinced that all women must make up! Its our warring costume! I mean men use to draw their face when they go to war, why not women. Especially we for modern women, everyday at work is a form of war for us.
Thanks Ashura, you are the best! The best friend any one could have, and really good in make over too!