Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Latest Buys from Online Clothing Shop Wardrobe 54

I like to buy work clothes from online shops, because the prices are more affordable, yet fashionable. I don't really like to wear my expensive clothing when I go to work! One of my favorite online shop (for work) is Wardrobe54. I am not sure where their clothes are made in, but the prices are really affordable. I know there are other online shops selling the same designs at even lower prices, but I quite like Wardrobe54, because I find their service pretty good. Usually, for these kind of online shops, they don't really accept exchange and refund (all sales final!!), but Wardrobe54 seems willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis. I have requested for exchange before and they agreed. I have encountered other online shops which refuse to exchange, even though the piece of clothing they sent me was absolutely unwearable!! Perhaps that is why I keep going back to Wardrobe54 =D

Most of their clothing are free size (except coats I think), suitable for girls who usually buy XS-M size. I won't say the quality and workmanship are fantastic, but that is to be expected for clothes at such low prices!!

These are designs I got! None of them are suitable for work this time hahaha! Some of the pieces are pretty short. I am around 157cm.

Black Lace Dress (Cheong Sam Design), SGD26.90
The material is quite sheer and it's very fitting. Not sure if I dare to eat anything when I wear this.

Pink Lace Dress, SGD26.90
The lining is quite thin, so I am definitely going to wear underskirt with this.

Red coat, SGD29.90
I am going to wear this in Hong Kong. Not going to buy expensive outerwear for such a short holiday!

Pretty nice too when you button it up

These are the pieces my sister bought and asked me to bring them over to Hong Kong. She asked me to model them for her ^^

Floral Chiffon Dress, SGD28.90
*Caution* Very sheer material. I wore underskirt to take this shoot. Matched it with a short tube too.

Long Sleeve Dress, SGD26.90
This is such a cute piece! I am soooo going to ask my sister to let me wear this!

Grey Baby Doll Dress, SGD33.90

I think I will buy something from them again soon! For work this time!


galpal.hi said...

All of those outfits are sooo cute! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check out their shop.


Marie said...

The red coat is gorgeous!! :)

InsideOut Elle said...

ahh I love the red coat and lace dress :) Very sexy ;)

Jacqueline said...

I love the red coat and the sexy black lace dress, they look great on you!

ashura said...

Thanks Jacqueline!!

dodo said...

I love the red coat!

Kalmo said...


Nice to meet you, I found your blog off InsideOutElle's blog. The red formal dress you bought is stunning on you! I'm commenting on an older post about your online clothing buys though because I also love your black lace dress and red coat. You have great style. ^^

ashura said...

Hiya Kalmo,
Nice to meet you too =)