Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N

Last week, I bought my first 2 bottles of nail polish from Jill Stuart.

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N, 10ml each

From left to right: 25 Midnight Dazzle, 35 Fire Cracker

Usual princess-y packaging with pink crystal

25 Midnight Dazzle

From the bottle, I see red, blue and purple small glitters and I was expecting a really intense color.

Actual color is redder than pictured. Photo seems a bit too blue-ish.

On my nails, Midnight Dazzle is a reddish purplish with a jelly-like finish, which doesn't look intense at all, not really like what I was hoping for. I am a little disappointed with this color, mainly because it's not dark enough, and also looks similar to OPI's Merry Midnight.

35 Fire Cracker

Again, Fire Cracker looks super unique from the bottle, with silver, pink and red glitter.

On my nails, Fire Cracker is just a jelly-like bright red with glitters. Not pretty enough to make me wear it often.

Both colors did not last on my nails too long. I experienced chipping on the 2nd day of wear. But then again, most nail colors will chip on the second day of wear on me~! However, I expected longer wear from these 2 as they are glitter polish, and even I usually can wear glitter polish 3-4 days without very obvious chipping.

Overall, I am disappointed from these 2 bottles of polish, both in the color and the lasting power of the formula. Don't get me wrong: they are awesome colors; but for a person who has over 100 bottles of nail polish, they are just not interesting enough. I am sure those who are really into collecting nail polish would understand what i mean =)


Jennifer Leigh said...

I see what you mean-- they aren't super special but they are pretty. I do like the bottles a lot though!

Anonymous said...

wow so pretty the purple is pretty as the red
! happy New year :)