Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffret D'or 2011 Spring Collection: Beauty Sharp Designer in 03 Rose Red and Eye Appeal Shadow in 01 Sweet Brown

I had been waiting for this package, and it finally came today! Totally cheered me up from the Bird's Nest allergy incident =)

Beauty Sharp Designer in 03 Rose Red, HKD295 from Adam Beauty

For creating a more 3D face shape
The brown strip below the blusher is used for creating highlights (the lightest shade) and shadows at the jawline for the look of a smaller face (darker shades)

A soft flush for the cheeks, more coral than rose in my opinion. This pic shows all colors mixed

Color can be built up for a more intense look

I like this blush the moment I swatched it on the back on my hand. I can imagine how soft and pretty the color will turn out on my cheeks. I can't wait to test it out on my face! Personally I don't really think I will use the colors separately because the colors are pressed quite closely together and I will find it tiresome to dip each color individually with my brush.

Eye Appeal Shadow in 01 Sweet Brown, HKD295 from Adam Beauty

As usual, very shimmery and good quality eye shadow from Kanebo

I think the most unique shades in this palette is the light pink and dark liner color. The pink is to the cool side, with a tinge of purple. The shimmer is crazy! The dark liner color looks dark grey in the palette, but when I swatched it, it looked purplish brown! I love it =) The texture of these 2 shades is different too; I believe they are semi-cream, unlike the other 2 colors which have a more powdery texture. I think this palette has an awesome combination and doesn't look boring at all... not like the usual pink and brown combinations.

I chose the black casing for the blusher and white one for the eyeshadow. The black one looks very sophisticated and the white extremely chic. It's not plain white, but has an iridescent glow (pink and blue) to it.

Thumbs up for the Spring Collection. I will buy the 04 Nude Beige and 05 Mint Purple for the eyeshadow next month as well, if Adam still has stock then! To be honest, I thought the collection would not be very exciting when I saw it online, but when I swatched it, my view totally changed. It's just the same with the Lunasol Aurora Eyes. I think for Kanebo eyeshadows, they might look boring in pictures, but once you swatch them and see the colors in person, you will definitely fall in love with them!

I will do a simple tutorial using the 01 Sweet Brown once the swell of my eyes subside, which I hope will be soon!


Anna Crystal said...

Oh I've been so excited about this one and wasn't sure whether I should buy it or not! It really has a nice finish and the colours blended together look awesome!

Ah and the palette. Pretty sparkling yet so cool because of its high pigmentation.... awww you're such an enabler :p!

InsideOut Elle said...

oohh this is a pretty palette!

Steph said...

love the quad!!!!
so pretty~

Anonymous said...

im surprised how pigmented the eye palette is - the colour on both palette are very pretty!

Marie said...

Everything is just so soft and light.:D

***** Marie *****