Sunday, January 2, 2011

BURBERRY Eye Definer in Midnight Plum No. 5

I bought this in Hong Kong at Harbor City... purely because it's BURBERRY.

Thick, good quality paper box

Burberry Eye Definer eye shaping pencil crayon contour yuex, HKD190

Comes with Burberry sharpener, that says... "Made in Germany"... =) hahaha I find this amusing somehow...

Midnight Plum, No. 5

A dark plum with subtle purple shimmers that almost looks brown

The eye pencil is waterproof and it applies very smoothly. I tried smudging and it was easy with a sponge tip or an eyeliner brush. It is good for lining both upper and lower waterline as well. The color is a pretty shade of plum that looks almost like dark brown. It has very subtle purple shimmer, which makes the color more fashionable. I will use this pencil when I want softer looking eyes. However, the eyeliner smudged to my lower eye area after half a day of wear... I am hoping it's my new eye cream that is causing the smudging. I will update on this page if the culprit is really my eye cream after I wear it again another time.

My sister bought some eyeshadow and lipgloss from the counter as well. She said that the eyeshadow is very finely milled and powder is really smooth and silky. I didn't buy any because I didn't spot any unique shades and the prices are rather high... simply because it's Burberry. Do check out the Burberry counters though if it's available in your country! You might like something that I missed out =)


unee cakes said...

costs as much as chanel. pretty packaging! always such a suck for those too.. :)

peonyinlove said...

I wish I could buy higher end stuff but I'm relatively picky. The packaging looks great though. I miss Hong Kong and hopefully I get the opportunity to go there again. Miss the shopping and the food.

Mary in Wonder said...

*sniff* burberry~ Just the box......I'm loving it! I don't care about the pencil, the box sold it to me XD
I don't believe anymore a liner exists that wouldn't smudge. Even if they know the formula for one, they keep it for themselves and want us to buy more and more in search for the perfect eyeliner. Oh well...

InsideOut Elle said...

huh i always associated burberry with clothes~ the packaging is lovely tho I doubt i'll ever try burberry makeup...tho one day my dream is to own a burberry trench :D