Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Lipstick Haul: Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge & Lipstick J (Shiny & Color)

On one of my recent posts, I raved about the Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge. I couldn't help myself and grabbed a few more from Adam Beauty, alongside with the Coffret D'or 2011 Spring Collection items I wrote about earlier on.

HKD90 each

From left to right: RD4, BE5, OR3, PK5

From left to right: RD4, BE5, OR3, PK5

As you can see, the texture of these lipsticks is fantastic. You could read more about what I think in my previous post here.

LAVSHUCA Lipstick J (Color)/ (Shiny)
From top to bottom: Luvshuca Lipstick J (Shiny), Luvshuca Lipstick J (Color)

From top to bottom: Lavshuca Lipstick J (Color) WN-1, Lavshuca Lipstick J (Shiny) PK-2

From left to right: PK-2, WN-1

The texture of these 2 lipsticks is not definitely not as moisturising as the Moist Melting Rouge. I won't say they dry my lips up, but I don't think they are that moisturising either. PK-2 belongs to the 'Shiny' series and is very sheer upon application. WN-1 is a very pretty berry tone and I would love to wear it soon!

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Haru said...

hi ashura,
Thought you might like to know that it's "Lavshuca", not "Luvshuca".

ashura said...

OMG! You are right! What a blunder... thanks Haru! And I have been spelling it wrong all the while...

rakhshanda said...

Wowww such gorgeous lippies!!! Love all these...Great haul:))

galpal.hi said...

Nice haul Ashura! The colors are all very pretty!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

:) I love the lipsticks! Defintely so pretty!

Steph said...

such pretty colors =D
i like the orangey one best =D

InsideOut Elle said...

Melting rouge~ ^_^ I'm so tempted to get these...I love the liquidy finish...

Marie said...

This is the first time I've heard of these -- again, packaging is so fun!:D

***** Marie *****

Julia said...

Thanks for the swatches!
I was wondering, does PK-5 have any warm undertones? I was looking for a cool, medium pink lipstick, something hard to find in Japanese brands, it seems, and this looks right to me, but I've been deceived by swatches before. ^^;

ashura said...

Hi Julia,
I went back to check PK-5, and after looking at it for a long time, I think the color does look very close to the swatch I posted. I think it is more cool than warm (don't know colors well enough to say that it is totally cool), but I don't really think the color is that prominent/ appear that cool on the lips... to me it is rather nude pink... (but that could be because I have rather red natural lip color and most lighter pinks don't show up too well). I am not sure if I explained this clearly enough, but I hope it answers yours question =D

Julia said...

Thank you so much for taking the time!
My lips are of a rather prominent colour, too, and most lipsticks don't show up so well (unless they're really red or very opaque.)
I guess I will have to just order PK-5 and see if it works.

Again, thanks a lot!