Saturday, January 15, 2011

*UPDATED MORE PHOTOS* Kawaii Bright Pink G[Mask] Crystal Handphone Skin Wrap

Since I am too poor to get iPhone 4 and need a change from my Hello Kitty Handphone cover, I got my iPhone 3Gs skin wrapped today! I am beyond pleased with it!

It's bright pink! I chose this super Kawaii design~ The person who wrapped my phone also added crystals to the shoes, belt, necklace and bag of the girl in the design. I added 3 more crystals to her hair when I got home. Each crystal cost me additional SGD1 (yup the crystals are super not worth it, but since I have already decided to spend the money, I just got it done)!

As I have a few super horrible cracks at the front screen of my phone (phone is still in perfect working condition, been using it with the cracks for more than half a year), I got the front wrapped as well. To wrap the phone front and back, it was SGD59. I added 17 Swarovski crystals, so the whole service cost SGD76.

The side of the phone was also covered nicely in a metallic pink color.

Handphone skin wrap has become increasingly popular nowadays, not only because of its protective functions, but also the highly personalised designs one could get for their gadgets. According to the G[Mask] website, the features of the G[Mask] Skin are as such:

1. Thinnest protective skin -- 0.10mm
2. Durability -- Up to 7 years
3. Full protection -- Scratch resistant
4. Full gadget body skin wrap
5. Guaranteed no residual
6. Water resistant

I can't stop staring at my phone now. So pretty~~~~~


Jennifer said...

cute phone case :)!

Steph said...

that's cute~

Marie said...

Cute, the girl kinda looks like you.:D

***** Marie *****