Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Blog Shop: Clover and Mar

Hi all~

By now I am sure all my readers know that I am crazy over anything to do with beauty!

My friend, Margaret and I have started an online blog shop called "Clover and Mar". She is the supplier for materials and I am the designer+maker for all the accessory pieces. All the beads and materials used in the designs are all painstakingly handpicked by me and all pieces are my original designs. Currently I have only started making earrings (hopefully more to come!)

All earrings are 1-of-a-kind! You will never be caught wearing the same pair of earrings as the lady sitting beside you =)

As we have only recently started this blog shop, designs are still rather limited. We will try to update with new collections soon! For now, please support our 2011 Spring Collection #1: The Angelic Series here ^^


Rakhshanda said...

Wowww these look soo cute!!

galpal.hi said...

I posted a comment on the blog shop blog but wanted to do so here too. You do very pretty work! I wish you both much success!


galpal.hi said...

Sorry, one other thing...can you please contact me via email. I can't find your email address otherwise I wouldn't ask you via blog comment. I need to ask you something. Thanks!


InsideOut Elle said...

congrats on starting a shop ^_^!

Marie said...

Congratulations and Good Luck!:D

***** Marie *****